[4H ASMR] Best Triggers for Sleep 馃槾 99.99% of YOU will Fall ASLEEP (No Talking)

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Best with headphones 馃帶 Welcome to this new ASMR Love by T&P video in 4k. We hope you enjoy this Best triggers for Sleep so 99.99% of you fall asleep. (No Talking)
More about ASMR and us in the channel description 馃槏 We thank you very much for watching and for your support. Big tingly hugs from T&P. 馃馃槾
Chapters / Timestamps:
0:00 - Preview
5:56 - Slime
15:46 - Red Pins
26:36 - Deep Brain Massage
36:34 - Silver Pins
43:32 - Fiber Optics
52:21 - Marbles
1:03:51 - Surface Tracing
1:16:28 - Sequin Heart
1:26:44 - Silicon Scrubber Scratching
1:36:36 - The Moon
1:47:41 - Water Sounds
1:58:00 - Crackling Sounds
2:07:47 - Deep Ear Cleaning
2:18:57 - Orbeez Stress Balls
2:29:46 - Golden Crackling Sounds
2:38:50- Heart Pins Tapping
2:48:56 - Golden Pins Brushing
3:00:12 - Fluff Balls
3:10:40 - Colorfull Pins Brushing
3:20:33 - Rhinestones Gentle Scratching
3:34:21 - Brushing & Scratching Rhinestones
3:44:40 - Rhinestones Tracing
3:56:39 - Shiny Surface Scratching

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  1. Edgar Calderon
    Edgar Calderon
    Hace 2 minutos

    the deep ear cleaning is my favorite part :)

  2. 戋両z Dr鈥er Here!戋
    戋両z Dr鈥er Here!戋
    Hace 29 minutos

    Thank you so much for this 馃槆

  3. Volk Slacks 璐
    Volk Slacks 璐
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  4. borrito
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  5. Jolene Keska
    Jolene Keska
    Hace 16 horas

    *sees title* Me: bet. 2 mins later *asleep*

  6. Nevaeh Zukowski
    Nevaeh Zukowski
    Hace 19 horas

    I love her nails especially

  7. Mousey_ Master
    Mousey_ Master
    Hace 23 horas

    How did you get the slime off so easy or hard

  8. Hh Nn
    Hh Nn
    Hace un d铆a

    I like that slime one

  9. don't mind me just watchin
    don't mind me just watchin
    Hace un d铆a

    0:40 that DEFINITELY gave me tingles

    Hace un d铆a

    Time for me to get a 馃槏

    1. ASMR Love by T
      ASMR Love by T
      Hace un d铆a

      Here it is 馃槏

  11. blameitonkoi
    Hace un d铆a

    thank you so much, i usually have trouble sleeping and now i listen to your asmr and it helps me greatly!! plus, no ads?? your awesome!! 馃挆馃挆

  12. 賸
    Hace un d铆a

    Who else was so fascinated by the fiber optics?

  13. Tessa Kalm
    Tessa Kalm
    Hace un d铆a

    Whenever I am watching or listening to asmr I always have to plug in my phone otherwise it will die because I fall asleep before it is done 馃槀馃槾

  14. Hollie Malham
    Hollie Malham
    Hace un d铆a

    Me I feel tired i might go to bed Also me I really cant get to sleep

    Hace 2 d铆as


  16. 靻滍潿 SomHee
    靻滍潿 SomHee
    Hace 2 d铆as

    5:58 It's as if I feel like I'm in the water鉂

  17. 鈥overed Octopus鈥
    鈥overed Octopus鈥
    Hace 2 d铆as

    RIP mic in thumbnail 馃様

  18. 銈稬ionYT銈稟ureliaSiwi
    Hace 2 d铆as

    ty for helping me its morning at my country and this made me fall asleep..

  19. Natalia Tochowicz
    Natalia Tochowicz
    Hace 2 d铆as

    Wow you change the colour of nails, to suit to other things. For example, slime is blue and she's got metalic blue nails 馃ぉ馃拝

  20. Alexa Pilgrim
    Alexa Pilgrim
    Hace 2 d铆as

    The slime sounds like water

  21. Fleur Droste
    Fleur Droste
    Hace 2 d铆as

    omg so fine

  22. Qiaj Dreux2.0
    Qiaj Dreux2.0
    Hace 2 d铆as

    I finally sleep

  23. 鈥⑸瘁礈散散岽囜礇 覔岽岽嶁
    鈥⑸瘁礈散散岽囜礇 覔岽岽嶁
    Hace 2 d铆as

    No not 99.99% 100% of you will fall asleep

  24. Carla Postoak
    Carla Postoak
    Hace 2 d铆as

    It's 4:00 and I want to sleep

  25. Clara btw ur not my Fan ur my Hater
    Clara btw ur not my Fan ur my Hater
    Hace 2 d铆as

    This is bootiful I am already feeling sleepy watching the preview

  26. Lea smith
    Lea smith
    Hace 2 d铆as

    I have a ? How do you get the slime out of the mic 馃

  27. _KageEmpressVA_
    Hace 2 d铆as

    Poor mic had to suffer the wrath of the sticky stuff. The slimy stuff. The satisfying stuff. Im looking at every comment, seeing a reply and seeing 馃槏 every time- ;-;

  28. Sprinkles.Sensory
    Hace 2 d铆as

    I've come back to this video so many times just because I love it馃槏 Thank you馃槃

  29. Lindsay reads...
    Lindsay reads...
    Hace 3 d铆as

    what if I told you that I didn't fall asleep?

  30. Katy Teo
    Katy Teo
    Hace 3 d铆as

    I mean that girl is right I fall a sleep

  31. Katy Teo
    Katy Teo
    Hace 3 d铆as

    That girl is right fall a sleep

  32. Suellen Machado
    Suellen Machado
    Hace 3 d铆as

    How you take the slime off???馃

  33. BraePlayz
    Hace 3 d铆as

    I loved this

  34. XxlunarqueenxX
    Hace 3 d铆as

    I don鈥檛 understand how u do ASMR. For 4 hours straight?! Is it magic?, practice? ;-; confuzzled

  35. Miss Tiktok
    Miss Tiktok
    Hace 3 d铆as

    omg! this one got 1M!! i鈥檓 so proud of you,

  36. 旃措摐臧掛觳措Μ
    Hace 3 d铆as

    靻岆Μ 歆勳 氙胳常雱れ殧鉂わ笍鉂わ笍

  37. Natasha Kye
    Natasha Kye
    Hace 3 d铆as

    This makes my neck twitch

  38. Mind ya Business
    Mind ya Business
    Hace 3 d铆as

    Love your asmr

    Hace 3 d铆as

    How is the slime not ruining the mic? Someone do tell...please!馃惛

  40. Bluebonnet ASMR
    Bluebonnet ASMR
    Hace 3 d铆as


  41. anivie
    Hace 3 d铆as

    Plot twist= She鈥檚 an Angel that was given to earth just help people sleep.

  42. 陌layda Aslan
    陌layda Aslan
    Hace 3 d铆as

    Can you put the link of your nail polish? It's look gorgeous, love iiiitt馃槏馃グ

  43. 效褍写芯 袩褉懈薪褑械褋褋邪
    效褍写芯 袩褉懈薪褑械褋褋邪
    Hace 3 d铆as

    I really want sleep, thank you馃尮

  44. _HappyPotatoEx_
    Hace 3 d铆as

    Her hands musts been numb after all that tingling

  45. Softly Spoken ASMR
    Softly Spoken ASMR
    Hace 4 d铆as

    Your nails are so mesmerising! 馃挀

  46. Sherbert Sage
    Sherbert Sage
    Hace 4 d铆as

    How loud things sound like when you try to be quiet

  47. Emi Fujii
    Emi Fujii
    Hace 4 d铆as

    I don鈥檛 know why but when I imagine I鈥檓 underwater, it feels comfortable. Like just lying there in the cool water, watching the sunlight fragments on the surface. This ASMR just made me think about that.

  48. isabele Bernardo
    isabele Bernardo
    Hace 4 d铆as

    how do you send a kiss to Brazil ???

  49. Emily Sturrock
    Emily Sturrock
    Hace 4 d铆as

    Everyone talking about how they almost fell asleep Me being like THE SLIME IS SO SATISFYING

  50. II*Sunflower*II
    Hace 4 d铆as

    Who else fell asleep during the Preview 馃槾馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

  51. Candice Parnell
    Candice Parnell
    Hace 5 d铆as

    3:34 sound like someone finna start frying some 馃悹

  52. Daisy Dances
    Daisy Dances
    Hace 5 d铆as

    This girl switching her nails every 5 mins they be like 馃煡馃煣馃煥猬涳笍猬滐笍馃煫馃煩馃煢馃煪馃煥馃煡

  53. _chilled. .clouds_
    _chilled. .clouds_
    Hace 5 d铆as

    can u do one where u pull the silver pins out of ur mic

  54. {espinela fala2}
    {espinela fala2}
    Hace 5 d铆as


  55. KC Blitz
    KC Blitz
    Hace 5 d铆as

    This is making me fall asleep

  56. Penka Rusanova
    Penka Rusanova
    Hace 5 d铆as

    No one: Lich no ASMR tests: HER: *changes nails ever new TRIGGER*

  57. Penka Rusanova
    Penka Rusanova
    Hace 5 d铆as


    1. Penka Rusanova
      Penka Rusanova
      Hace 5 d铆as

      Like why the first won like 24 HOURS LONGG BIS WTF

  58. Serpax _yt
    Serpax _yt
    Hace 5 d铆as

    馃槏馃槏馃槏God !!!!

  59. Henry ASMR
    Henry ASMR
    Hace 5 d铆as

    Totally relaxing water sounds...馃挧馃挧 It's music to my ears

    Hace 6 d铆as

    i swear to god who disliked and why.

  61. Karin Murgia
    Karin Murgia
    Hace 6 d铆as

    I'm a.0. 01 percent Sorry

  62. bethink
    Hace 6 d铆as

    My favourite part was the deep brain massage 馃榿

  63. jasmin flores
    jasmin flores
    Hace 6 d铆as

    I lovee your nails

  64. miss_candy TwT
    miss_candy TwT
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  65. Paige Norfleet
    Paige Norfleet
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    4 hours this woman is a legend

  66. Ejirou Kirishima
    Ejirou Kirishima
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    Other people : *sleeps* Me : Is that all u got *I haven't slept in 2 days*

  67. Kimetsu- Sama
    Kimetsu- Sama
    Hace 6 d铆as

    Soy la 煤nica que piensa que el primero se parece cuando me tumbo encima de la barriga de mi padre :"v?

  68. Sloth Gaming
    Sloth Gaming
    Hace 6 d铆as

    Can we appreciate the 4 HOURS of her life she spent on out sleeptime for us to sleep at night???

  69. Alina
    Hace 7 d铆as

    Can you please do it with a computer keyboard?

    1. ASMR Love by T
      ASMR Love by T
      Hace 6 d铆as

      Sure, good idea 馃槏

  70. shrimpy hi
    shrimpy hi
    Hace 7 d铆as

    1. love the timestamps 2. i should but should not be watching this because i have 7 mins before school so i will fall asleep 3. ITS JUST AMAZING

  71. Jackcoolplayz Gaming
    Jackcoolplayz Gaming
    Hace 7 d铆as

    Bruh why do i always not fall asleep went asmr videos i watch the whole video just tk sleep but still awake

  72. 膶uburac
    Hace 7 d铆as

    Drive's me insane

  73. PLAGUE
    Hace 7 d铆as

    I usually don't listen to asmr but this was nice

  74. It鈥檚 clover TikTok4
    It鈥檚 clover TikTok4
    Hace 7 d铆as

    i'm so sleepy

  75. S Tremblay
    S Tremblay
    Hace 7 d铆as

    I like how you do this for hours for us your fingers are probably hurting

  76. Raman
    Hace 7 d铆as

    This did not make me fall asleep, and it鈥檚 says 鈥99.99鈥 percent you will fall asleep, and guess what? I didn鈥檛.

  77. maegan ratliff
    maegan ratliff
    Hace 7 d铆as

    This probably helps babies go to sleep like my 8 month old daughter falls asleep listening really quick. It also probably relaxes aloooot of people so they can sleep 馃槉馃槉馃槏

    1. ASMR Love by T
      ASMR Love by T
      Hace 6 d铆as

      Wonderful! 馃槏

  78. leon 888
    leon 888
    Hace 7 d铆as

    no bro ist 鉂も潳鉂

  79. Back to a baconhair
    Back to a baconhair
    Hace 7 d铆as

    Why is it scary and relaxing

  80. Lana Van Niekerk
    Lana Van Niekerk
    Hace 8 d铆as

    Her: u will lowkey fr fall asleep Me:not falling asleep

  81. Ruby Day :3 :3 :3
    Ruby Day :3 :3 :3
    Hace 8 d铆as

    Anyone else saw every single had I like by Asmr love and trying to get one to? No? It鈥檚 ok I鈥檒l just walk myself out.. edit: ayeeeee she liked 馃挏馃挏

  82. Charles Vaughan
    Charles Vaughan
    Hace 8 d铆as

    i timed myself i fell asleep in 40 minutes... thank you!:)

    1. ASMR Love by T
      ASMR Love by T
      Hace 8 d铆as

      You're welcome 馃槉馃槏

  83. viih ;-;
    viih ;-;
    Hace 8 d铆as

    I always sleep with their very good asmr!!

  84. Itz_Laurenna Z Fox Lady 360
    Itz_Laurenna Z Fox Lady 360
    Hace 8 d铆as

    Me: *sees the red dot things on there* My brain: m&m's Me: be quiet I'm trying to sleep We do not talk about my addiction to chocolate at night My brain: *gets so focused info the asmr* Me: *out like a light*

  85. Dwarfy Potato
    Dwarfy Potato
    Hace 8 d铆as

    5:57 does the slime not ruin your mic?

    1. ASMR Love by T
      ASMR Love by T
      Hace 8 d铆as

      No worries, all good 馃槏

  86. Dwarfy Potato
    Dwarfy Potato
    Hace 8 d铆as

    I love your videos! I hope everyone is having an amazing morning/afternoon/evening!

  87. Aesthetic_asmr _slimygirls
    Aesthetic_asmr _slimygirls
    Hace 8 d铆as

    I love this it鈥檚 wonderful 鉂わ笍 keep up the good work 馃槍

    1. Aesthetic_asmr _slimygirls
      Aesthetic_asmr _slimygirls
      Hace 8 d铆as

      @ASMR Love by T np! I like to help out ppl and make them happy 馃槉

    2. ASMR Love by T
      ASMR Love by T
      Hace 8 d铆as

      Thank you so much!! 馃槏

  88. Emily_BruhhhYT
    Hace 8 d铆as

    I love this channel 馃ズ馃ズ鉂わ笍

  89. Jack Frost
    Jack Frost
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    1. ASMR Love by T
      ASMR Love by T
      Hace 8 d铆as


  90. Esra Cnudde
    Esra Cnudde
    Hace 9 d铆as

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  91. BloxterSquare
    Hace 9 d铆as

    Go to deep brain massage. It really helps you. | \/

  92. shamel channel
    shamel channel
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  93. Vanessa Lacroix
    Vanessa Lacroix
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  94. Slerp army Mason
    Slerp army Mason
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    uriel gamer
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    Holly Shaddy
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  97. 小械蟹懈屑 袨谢卸芯斜械泻芯胁邪
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  98. Caterina Piovella
    Caterina Piovella
    Hace 10 d铆as

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  99. Matisen Belville
    Matisen Belville
    Hace 10 d铆as

    Finally relaxes watching this.... *Sees shadow in my room* BACK TO WATCHING 馃槼

  100. 鈥reamy W酶lfii qwq 鈥ammy Spearmint UwO鈥
    鈥reamy W酶lfii qwq 鈥ammy Spearmint UwO鈥
    Hace 10 d铆as

    5:59 this is all you hear when you're under water