ASMR 1000 Triggers for Sleep 3Hr (No Talking)

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Welcome back to my channel! You guys have been asking for this for a while, and here it is finally!!! My preview compilation video!! This videos contains most of my video previews for the past 2 years (except for a few I couldn’t match the audio). I hope you will tingle and enjoy!
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  1. ASMR Bakery
    ASMR Bakery
    Hace 2 meses

    Longest timestamps I've ever made!! here we go😆 Timestamps(part 1): 00:00 ASMR Oil Ear Massage for Deep Relaxation 01:29 ASMR Relaxing Table Tapping | Different Surfaces 02:05 ASMR Peeling Glue Off Your Ears 02:50 ASMR Relaxing Table Scratching | Different Surfaces 03:53 ASMR MAKEUP TAPPING & SCRATCHING | 3CE Unboxing 05:25 ASMR SLIME IN YOUR EARS | 3Dio Sticky Sounds 06:18 ASMR Relaxing Brain Massage and Acupuncture Session 06:31 ASMR Ice Tapping, Scratching, Carving Sounds 07:14 ASMR Extreme Fizzing Tingles | Hair Mousse Sounds 07:55 ASMR Giant Chocolate Bar | Tapping, Cutting, Snapping Sounds 08:58 ASMR Top 10 3Dio Triggers for Sleep and Relaxation 10:02 ASMR Brain Melting Soft and Close Up Triggers 10:48 ASMR Intense Mic Scratching & Touching | Close-Up Mic Sounds 11:26 ASMR Brain Melting Object Scratching 12:36 ASMR Chalk Carving and Cutting Sounds 13:13 ASMR Ultimate Pom Pom Tingles 14:08 ASMR Gentle Tapping You Will Fall Asleep To 14:51 ASMR Gentle Scratching You Will Fall Asleep To 15:42 ASMR 100k Silver Play Button Unboxing 16:41 ASMR Sleep Like a Baby 17:46 ASMR Intoxicating Mermaid Triggers 18:42 ASMR Brain Tingling Scratchboard 19:38 ASMR Calming Wood Triggers for Sleep 20:42 ASMR Intense 3Dio Triggers to Cure Your Tingle Immunity 21:40 ASMR Gentle Sleepy Triggers 22:27 ASMR Soothing & Deep Water Beads Sounds 22:44 ASMR Twin Ear Cleaning to Put You in a Coma 23:43 ASMR Unique Triggers for Intense Tingles 25:13 ASMR Holographic Triggers to Help You Relax 26:21 ASMR Fast & Intense Ear Cleaning | 3Dio 27:14 ASMR Table Tapping & Scratching with Long Nails 28:13 ASMR Deeply Relaxing Paper Cup Tingles 1 Hr 29:52 ASMR Sleepy Crayons Tapping, Carving, Cutting, Drawing Sounds 30:51 ASMR Satisfying Crunchy Slime 31:27 ASMR Sleep Inducing Triggers 32:36 ASMR Guaranteed Tingles Using Your Favorite Triggers 3 Hr 37:27 ASMR Triggers Sending You Straight to Sleep 38:18 ASMR Big Tingles using Big Triggers 38:56 ASMR Chinese Ear Cleaning for Stress Relief 40:58 ASMR Rough Ear Cleaning 41:43 ASMR 10 Triggers to Cure Your Immunity 42:44 ASMR Sensitive Tracing 43:06 ASMR Relaxing Tapping & Scratching | Rode Mic Test 43:46 ASMR Exploring Textures 44:49 ASMR Deep and Bassy Sounds to Help You Sleep 45:51 ASMR Relaxing Natural Triggers | Wood, Bamboo and Straw 46:58 ASMR Study With Me | Page Turning and Tapping, Writing, Drawing 47:41 ASMR Speedy Hand Sounds 48:27 ASMR Delicate Tapping 48:53 ASMR Thorough Brain Scratch to Make You Sleepy 49:19 ASMR Deep Ear Treatment for Sleep 49:50 ASMR Simple But Effective | Tapping, Scratching, Tracing and Panning 50:12 ASMR Tingly Ear Cleaning | Rhinestone & Clay Removal 51:22 ASMR Relaxing Rhinestone Tapping, Scratching, Brushing 52:02 ASMR Tingle Stimulating Triggers 52:28 ASMR Hypnotic Triggers 2 Hr 55:37 ASMR Fall Sleep to These Relaxing Triggers 56:55 ASMR Brushing and Scratching You to Sleep 57:36 ASMR Relaxing Wood Triggers 1:00:43 ASMR Long Claws Tapping and Scratching 1:01:43 ASMR Deep 3D Ear Cleaning | Intense & Realistic 1:02:13 ASMR 15 Sleepy Triggers 1:03:50 ASMR Relaxing Jingling Sounds with Tapping, Scratching, Ear Cleaning 1:04:47 ASMR Brain Rolling Massage 1:05:34 ASMR Calming Triggers for Sleep 1:06:11 ASMR Sensitive Crinkles 1:07:04 ASMR 1 HOUR FAST TAPPING 1:08:16 ASMR 20 Ear Cleaning Triggers for Sleep 1:10:57 ASMR 30 Fast & Intense Triggers for Instant Tingles 1:11:37 ASMR Sleep in 30 Minutes | 30 Relaxing Triggers 1:12:39 ASMR Piercing Your Brain 1:13:14 ASMR Brain Flossing 1:14:13 ASMR Satisfying Chips | Crunchy Crushing & Eating Sounds 1:14:38 ASMR Best Triggers for Sleep 3Hr 1:19:31 ASMR Glass Brain Tapping & Cleaning 1:20:21 ASMR Extremely Tingly Ear Exploration 1:21:06 ASMR Naturally Relaxing Triggers for Sleep 1:22:49 ASMR Real Head Massage and Ear Cleaning 1:23:28 ASMR 9 Triggers Assortment for Sleep | Tapping, Scratching, Brushing, Crinkles 1:24:54 ASMR Sleep Inducing Bling Bling Triggers 1:27:28 ASMR Deep Ear Tingles | Soft & Fluffy Triggers 1:28:52 ASMR 18 New Triggers to Make You Tingle! 1:31:48 ASMR Bassy and Soft Tapping Sounds Perfect for Sleep 1:32:48 ASMR 2 Hour Intense Ear Attention Sleep Treatment 1:35:52 ASMR Taking Care of Teddy | Head Massage, Facial Cleansing, Fur Combing and Ear Cleaning

    1. Adam Salazar
      Adam Salazar
      Hace un día

      He in jhh

    2. Wlaks Zcyh
      Wlaks Zcyh
      Hace 3 días

      Okay so I was super awake but I watched this like when we were 1 minute in I was super 😴 sleepy🙂

    3. Roxana Pulido
      Roxana Pulido
      Hace 6 días

      You deserve a hug, an ice cream and some rest, that must have taken a long time to do

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  2. J Weaver
    J Weaver
    Hace 15 horas

    It's so smooth and calming

  3. Maddy Koala
    Maddy Koala
    Hace 18 horas

    Me:asleep Ad:ANYTHING YOUR WILD CHILD DOES PAMPERS CRUISERS 360 FIT me: shut up I was trying to sleep...

  4. Michelle M
    Michelle M
    Hace 18 horas

    One of my go to vids for tingles!

  5. Incognito
    Hace un día

    This is what I call eargasm

  6. ᴋᴏᴏᴋᴘʜᴏʀɪᴀ
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    who's mouth is, drooling over those thick black chocolate bars..😅😚

  7. Noeelia Ariias
    Noeelia Ariias
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    very good

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    Eu sou o comentário brasileiro que vc proucura:)

  9. Neon
    Hace 4 días

    1:12:20 Pony! 💙

  10. Jianhua Wu
    Jianhua Wu
    Hace 4 días

    Imagine getting these materials to just make three seconds of sound

  11. Jianhua Wu
    Jianhua Wu
    Hace 4 días

    Can we appreciate how that she doesn’t put any ads in her videos so we don’t go death

  12. Vanessa G
    Vanessa G
    Hace 5 días

    2:07:46 😂 I love catching odd and hilarious triggers like this one

  13. Homestuck VA
    Homestuck VA
    Hace 6 días

    The tuning fork caught me so off guard and gave me so many tingles ☺️

  14. Weird :3
    Weird :3
    Hace 6 días

    A *popcorn* ad just Rick Rolled me I- Anyways this is super relaxing! It helps a lot!

  15. M J
    M J
    Hace 8 días

    Jesus loves you so much and God has a plan for you John 3:16

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  17. Anna Schubauer
    Anna Schubauer
    Hace 9 días

    i love that she takes 3 hours plus editing so probably 4 hours of her day just to help sleep deprived pepol like me go to bed. thank you soooooooo soooooooo sooooooooo much for your time efert and love.

  18. Ashley Leyva
    Ashley Leyva
    Hace 9 días

    My favorite is when she puts the sticks inside the ear

  19. Ashley Leyva
    Ashley Leyva
    Hace 9 días

    I give her props for keeping me entertained for this long its been 14 minutes 🥺

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    Alex Smith
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  22. Aubrey Renee
    Aubrey Renee
    Hace 10 días

    does anyone actually stay up and watch this whole video without falling asleep?

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  23. Janece Nufer
    Janece Nufer
    Hace 10 días

    I've watched a ton of asmr, and she does the BEST tapping noises ever!

  24. TheKsourmoon
    Hace 11 días

    You're asmr bakery.....imagine asmr actually..baking. That sounds so pleasant. I hear baking asmr is hard..cause sounds can be clashing and loud..but really relaxing.. Making biscuits :O or cookies, quietly stirring ingredients, ...Heavenly.

  25. Irish Go
    Irish Go
    Hace 12 días

    Thank you for always making me sleep💖✨

  26. argurio_py gaming
    argurio_py gaming
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  27. Kayle Hanson
    Kayle Hanson
    Hace 12 días

    The dislikes are from the people who couldn’t find their headphones

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  29. Dina ASMR
    Dina ASMR
    Hace 13 días

    Hey guys, check my channel where i do some whispering of RUSSIAN trigger words, gentle tapping on PILLS🤩

  30. pippa de beaufort
    pippa de beaufort
    Hace 13 días

    Just got new AirPods Pro and this is the only thing I want to use them for

  31. GachaKenma
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    Imagine putting all time stamps in the comments😂

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  34. Binvely ASMR
    Binvely ASMR
    Hace 15 días

    I find sounds very relaxing for ASMR, So this just very relaxing sounds, I love it, was perfect. Thx:)

    Hace 15 días

    I....Zzzzzzzz (LOL)

  36. UrCringeAsHeII
    Hace 16 días

    Perfect ;-;

  37. Sherry Sabine
    Sherry Sabine
    Hace 16 días

    I can never understand with (all the ASMR channels I've experienced so far), why you all switch between sounds so quickly. It's not relaxing. As a listener, a sound comes along that I find relaxing and BAM! 5 seconds later you move on to something else. It must be boring for the creator to have to repetitively create the same sound so we end up getting a zillion sounds thrown at us in quick succession. I decided to make my own just for me. I have access to radio station and created a 1 hour session of the sounds I prefer and then looped it into a 10 hour file I can play while I sleep.

  38. Romeo O
    Romeo O
    Hace 17 días

    Boi she was searching for those items lmao

  39. Hell Rod
    Hell Rod
    Hace 17 días

    9:02 Omg! Omg! I LOVE THAT SOUND

  40. Baylee Labriola
    Baylee Labriola
    Hace 17 días

    3:13:18 😌

  41. Baylee Labriola
    Baylee Labriola
    Hace 17 días

    You should do more of that candle rolling thing

  42. Mckenna Jennifer
    Mckenna Jennifer
    Hace 17 días

    Me: *Is listening to this video about to fall asleep* *Next video comes on* *GORILLA GLUE FOR THE TOUGHEST JOBS ON PLANET EARTH*

  43. Stella Beans
    Stella Beans
    Hace 17 días

    How many things can she come up with 😂 (good job this was a really relaxing video!!)

  44. Hwasa's Wifey
    Hwasa's Wifey
    Hace 17 días

    I listened to this doing missing homework and I got so much done thank you🥺

  45. Ramona Garcia
    Ramona Garcia
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    y’all she just brought out a whole new iphone 🧍‍♀️

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    Eliana DeLosSantos
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  47. billy bob Joe
    billy bob Joe
    Hace 19 días

    At 2:07:47, is that Donald Trump, what he be doing on a microphone 🎙

  48. Andrea Fernandes
    Andrea Fernandes
    Hace 19 días

    FINGERTIZER Love your work !!!!!!

  49. Smash's Adventures
    Smash's Adventures
    Hace 20 días

    Me:I’m just gonna watch this for 2 minutes also me:falls asleep 50 seconds in😂😂

  50. Kathie Wattebled
    Kathie Wattebled
    Hace 20 días

    You know what? Random trigers: -16:34 -01:13:05 -02:00:00 -37:45 -28:45 -02:56:34 -03:02:50 -02:08:56 -01:45:03 -02:39:34 -01:56:09 -06:56 -49:05 -2:07:00 Yep i'm bored.

    1. Kathie Wattebled
      Kathie Wattebled
      Hace 10 días

      @Gabrielle (Gaby) Greenblatt no problem ;3

    2. Gabrielle (Gaby) Greenblatt
      Gabrielle (Gaby) Greenblatt
      Hace 10 días

      Thank you

  51. I want to die
    I want to die
    Hace 21 un día

    Holy shit this girl got some good nails

  52. Dhan Djen
    Dhan Djen
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    ok am i the only one that got sad when she was doing stuff with the chocolate like i want some. I HOPE U ATE ALL THAR CHOCOLATE

  53. dream's friend
    dream's friend
    Hace 21 un día

    How do you just sit there for three hours and do this

  54. LAE LAE
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    I love this But me sister Is eating chips so what I here is crunch crunch crunch 😁😁😋

  55. Умар Умаров
    Умар Умаров
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  56. Bella Pehrson
    Bella Pehrson
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    12:50 the chalk in water sounds like weird alien creatures?????

  57. Sofiya I
    Sofiya I
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    I came for the ice cream got sand instead

  58. Michaela Macháčková
    Michaela Macháčková
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    I’ve been watching this video every night for the past week!

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    mermaidplayz 283
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    Sam Bachle
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    MayaMyStore Roblox
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    lonely wolf
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