ASMR Calming Triggers For Sleep - ASMR No Talking

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ASMR Calming Triggers For Sleep - ASMR No Talking. This video is for people who want to relax and sleep, listening to calming sounds and looking at soothing lights in the background. 4k ASMR no talking is perfect for people who cannot fall asleep and who don`t get tingles.
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Definition of ASMR:
An initialism for โ€œAutonomous Sensory Meridian Response.โ€ The purpose of ASMR is to relax people. ASMR videos are meant to give the viewer relaxing tingles at the back of their head and/or spine. ASMR videos usually involve one or more of the things: relaxing hand movements (visual triggers), gentle #asmrForSleep, different calm sounds, tapping, scratching, brushing and etc.
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00:00 Preview
1:45 Snowball rolling sounds
9:35 Purple snowflake garland
16:38 Wooden snowflake tapping
23:33 Silver lametta crinkling
33:33 Pinecone crunching
40:58 Wooden start tapping
49:06 Green sand playing
55:10 Glitter package crunching
1:00:00 Glitter playing
1:08:00 Golden spikes scratching
1:12:04 Candle package crinkling
1:18:22 Pearl candle scratching
1:24:12 Branch of fir crunching
1:32:03 Christmas tree bauble tapping
1:40:40 Sequin scratching
1:45:05 Sequin crunching
1:50:35 Wooden purse tapping
1:59:44 Fabric sac crunching
2:09:07 Porcelain star tapping
2:18:37 Napkin crinkly sounds
2:28:58 Carton box tapping
2:38:42 Fir scratching
2:43:49 Marshmallow crunching
2:54:39 Marshmallow melting


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    Hi guys! Merry Christmas! ๐ŸŽ„๐Ÿคถ๐Ÿป Happy Holidays! ๐Ÿค— Also don`t forget to check my Spotify: Links to other streaming services in the description box.

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      @Munchkinz nnmnmmnmmnmnnmmmmnmmmmmmmnnnnnnmmmnn.

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      I LOVE YOUR ASMRโคโค

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    Cade o brasileiro Da like aรญ todos os brasileiros

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    Well not all of them everyday sounds

  4. Allana Scanlon
    Allana Scanlon
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    Everyday sounds but they sound better:on a louder better quieter EStitle video

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    i love how stacy puts so much effort in her videos

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    This did not make me fall to sleep sorry

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    2:38:42 is everything ๐Ÿ˜โค๐Ÿ™Œ

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    Te merecรฉs cada bello y hermoso like; y a los que no les gustรณ el video: QUE LES DEN POR CUL*, como dicen en Espaรฑa. JAJAJAAJJAJAJA. Pd: hacรฉs A-R-T-E.

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    Tรญtulo: Espaรฑol Comentarios: Inglรฉs Yo: WTF

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    Desiree Samprimitivo
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    Duracell 3616
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    Me watching this in October got me wanting it to be December already

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  32. Healy Levy-Yurista
    Healy Levy-Yurista
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    Thank you Stacey. โค๏ธI know this video is old, but last night I had a lot of trouble sleeping so I clicked on ur video and kept it on while I slept. I got an extra hour and 15 minutes of sleep because of you โค๏ธ

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    Good evening! I started watching your videos in the beginning of this year and felt that i had to subscribe and say something after all this time in appreciation. I have been suffering from work related stress for almost 7 years and chronic migranes for 2, which only got worse this year, and now that i am quarantined i had the time to properly get dedicated to this sort of treatment and a couple of days ago i managed to fall asleep and sleep for a full 11 hours, which is the first time i have slept properly in years and this particular video has improved my relaxing by so much that my shoulders have finally "Dropped" so to speak. And my sleeping overall has become much more relaxed and undisturbed. So i would like to say thank you for the work you do, truly. And take care of those hands, those are healing hands.

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    Who is here in 2020? | | |ยค

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