ASMR Most Delicate and Calming Tapping for Sleep (No Talking)

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Welcome back to my channel! This videos includes various gentle and calming tapping sounds on leather, cork, glass surfaces for sleep and relaxation.
00:00 Preview
00:45 iPad
06:26 Wood textured dining mat
12:31 sketchbook
18:27 leather sunglasses case
25:56 laptop cooling mat
32:03 cork
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  1. ASMR Bakery
    ASMR Bakery
    Hace 4 meses

    goodnight 💕 Timestamps: 00:00 Preview 00:45 iPad 06:26 Wood textured dining mat 12:31 sketchbook 18:27 leather sunglasses case 25:56 laptop cooling mat 32:03 cork

    1. yeah boyzz gamming
      yeah boyzz gamming
      Hace 4 días

      GOODNIGHT 😁😁

    2. Hayley Don Porto carero
      Hayley Don Porto carero
      Hace 9 días


    3. Kayla McCalla
      Kayla McCalla
      Hace 26 días

      Your nails 🎶Beautiful🎶

    4. Dark music world
      Dark music world
      Hace 27 días

      What’s .

    5. Leonardo Rodrigues
      Leonardo Rodrigues
      Hace 27 días


  2. Libxgoat Ö
    Libxgoat Ö
    Hace 19 horas

    You actually have to touch the I pad to make a young you know

  3. Libxgoat Ö
    Libxgoat Ö
    Hace 19 horas

    I don’t like this 😂

  4. Alekito 2006
    Alekito 2006
    Hace un día

    Why's asmr like a addiction????

  5. Brighid N
    Brighid N
    Hace 2 días

    ⭐️ Quick Check ⭐️ -Have you taken any pills if needed? 💊 -Have you done any school work if needed? 📚 -Have you done your skincare routine (if you have one?) 🧴 -Have you brushed your teeth? 🪥 -Have you set your alarms if needed? ⏰ -Have you relaxed yourself or meditated? Quote: “Life is like a glow stick. You have to break first to shine.” :) Don’t forget to keep yourself happy. You did so good today and I know you may not feel it, but you’re amazing. You’re doing better each day and you are doing awesome. Stay cool :) Good night loves, sleep well. 💕🛌

  6. BieBaaBoaz
    Hace 2 días

    when you see a new video and you click on it and you get earraped by this loud ass ad

  7. Pus Grey Gaming
    Pus Grey Gaming
    Hace 3 días

    I can do that to my iPad too Sadly it crack

  8. ani
    Hace 3 días


  9. OstrichCraftingSafari
    Hace 4 días

    Slow and gentle tapping like this gives me the most tingles. Slow whispering too!

  10. Constance Ray
    Constance Ray
    Hace 4 días

    ASMR: starting ME: watching ASMR: keeps going ME: ZZZZ

  11. Javier Jaramillo
    Javier Jaramillo
    Hace 5 días

    0:24 tampoco hay que presumir cabo xddd

  12. Hm Hk
    Hm Hk
    Hace 5 días

    To Whoever read this Tomorrow one of your wishes will come true 👍;)

  13. Chelseas edits
    Chelseas edits
    Hace 5 días

    When you only have one wireless earphone cos you lost the other😭

  14. Marvel America
    Marvel America
    Hace 5 días


  15. Emma OFICIAL
    Emma OFICIAL
    Hace 6 días

    Wow it's your talent!♥️❤️

  16. Paige Vik
    Paige Vik
    Hace 6 días

    I dont know who needs to see this but before you go to bed have you: Put on comfy clothes Brushed your teeth Brushed your hair Wiped off makeup (if u had some on:) Done your skincare routine (again, if u have one) Fluffed up your pillow:) Checked if you ate today Had finished homework/school Locked your front door Tidied up your room Checked if your pet got food today (if you have a pet ofc) Prayed (if your religious) Told yourself you are more than enough in the mirror! If you haven't, I did at least Have a good night Heathers

  17. ᴇ ʟ s ɪ ø ɴ
    ᴇ ʟ s ɪ ø ɴ
    Hace 7 días


  18. No One
    No One
    Hace 8 días

    Dont scratch a ipad. If you scratch ipad 1 it looses its value

  19. Maria De rosa
    Maria De rosa
    Hace 8 días

    13:10 woww! ❤️

  20. •todoroki’s Wife•
    •todoroki’s Wife•
    Hace 9 días


  21. Izabella Tuliphill
    Izabella Tuliphill
    Hace 9 días

    Bakery: tap tap Me: *intense brain fireworks*

  22. Canal Sr. Willian ツ
    Canal Sr. Willian ツ
    Hace 10 días

    Coloquem em 2X e melhor 🤗

  23. ruby bell
    ruby bell
    Hace 10 días

    18:27 ✨GUCCI✨

  24. Kokichi Oma
    Kokichi Oma
    Hace 11 días

    Some nightly reminders for you: - Did you brush your teeth? - Did you take a shower/bath? - Did you take any medication? - Did you Wash your face? - Did you set any alarms? - Did you tell a loved one goodnight? - Did you brush your hair? - Did you put on some pajamas? - Are you comfortable? - Did you clean up your room? - Did you make your bed? - Did you finish any school work? - Did you drink something? - Did you eat today? How are you today/tonight on a scale of 1 to 10? I hope you’re doing well! Remember, you are loved! Have a wonderful rest. You deserve it.

  25. Игорь Тарасов
    Игорь Тарасов
    Hace 12 días

    I'm Russian, you ask what am I doing here? I'm not enjoying myself ... ASMR

    Hace 12 días

    Just me who kept on tingling throughout the whole video 😂💕💕

  27. Mistersteve YT
    Mistersteve YT
    Hace 13 días

    Cool 🎧

  28. Marguerite Granger
    Marguerite Granger
    Hace 13 días

    It’s the best tapping I’ve ever seen in my life…😳

  29. Owen Galicia
    Owen Galicia
    Hace 13 días

    those nails 😍😍😍

  30. Paulinho Azevedo
    Paulinho Azevedo
    Hace 13 días

    That lower and irregular tapping sounds.... YES! You nailed it. Thank you.

  31. Sam?
    Hace 14 días

    Oh this is what I needed tonight

  32. Emersen Vekved
    Emersen Vekved
    Hace 14 días

    This is the first time I’ve gotten a calm ad. I kid you not, it was relaxing piano music. I CANT- that’s like winning the lottery🤣

  33. Teint de Lys
    Teint de Lys
    Hace 14 días

    The best the best...

  34. Miss Marella
    Miss Marella
    Hace 14 días

    Istg now that I know about the iPad tapping I do it when I’m bored

  35. JM Jarbadan
    JM Jarbadan
    Hace 15 días

    playback speed at 1.75 is heavenly

  36. Ace Grey
    Ace Grey
    Hace 15 días

    People in the comments of ASMR videos are the nicest people on earth.

  37. Sooizz
    Hace 15 días

    0:20 "Its not fake biaaaatch"

  38. vaness._. world
    vaness._. world
    Hace 16 días

    Its so cold right now in Germany. That tapping sounds make me feel so comfy. Thanks

  39. Melanie Ducharme
    Melanie Ducharme
    Hace 16 días

    Me when I get a add:AAAAAAAAAA

  40. Sabrina Sunny
    Sabrina Sunny
    Hace 16 días


  41. ggalister_
    Hace 17 días

    Love delicate tapping ❤❤❤

  42. Lisa Fair
    Lisa Fair
    Hace 17 días

    Me at bedtime: Close curtains tight with chip clips. Turn on two fans. Turn on sound machine. Turn clock light off. Cover Sonos speaker light. Cover humidifier light. Cover electrical strip light. Crack window. Take nighttime meds. Me 4 minutes later: 🙄 Me after turning on ASMR: 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴

  43. astro
    Hace 17 días

    Wood textured dining mat and cork 🥰

  44. INotChloe K
    INotChloe K
    Hace 18 días

    I dont like this channel, it just isnt good.

  45. Jayicyy
    Hace 18 días

    Im only 20second in the video and im already getting flexed on.

  46. anonimus anonimus
    anonimus anonimus
    Hace 18 días

    27:31 💨

  47. MusicDemon :D
    MusicDemon :D
    Hace 18 días

    omg im on the twin ear cleaning and this at the same time on two different tabs my spine-

  48. semoşy yüzük
    semoşy yüzük
    Hace 18 días


  49. XxEllaxX
    Hace 19 días

    Who else plays her stuff and instantly just falls asleep 😴 ❤️

  50. Peter Crump
    Peter Crump
    Hace 19 días

    thank for not putting adds I’m always falling asleep then I hear IRISH SPRING BODY WASH, EARN YOUR SHOWER!

  51. Lopyno 3524
    Lopyno 3524
    Hace 19 días

    Headphones: High volume may damage your ears. Me: Do you think I care about that?

  52. Sarah Sharma
    Sarah Sharma
    Hace 19 días

    WOWWWW 🍇🍇

  53. Ali Mahmoud
    Ali Mahmoud
    Hace 20 días

    Best ASMR ever 🖤

  54. Shasta Kitty
    Shasta Kitty
    Hace 21 un día

    Dang, she really flexing on us like that? Frickin Gucci are you kidding me. Ok but seriously I love your channel lol.

  55. Erin Cougar
    Erin Cougar
    Hace 21 un día

    don’t appreciate the 3737373 adverts but it was cool

  56. Cameron Smith
    Cameron Smith
    Hace 22 días

    oh yah

  57. Hollye Rorabaugh
    Hollye Rorabaugh
    Hace 23 días

    This is my go to video if I must sleep so I appreciate you

  58. Ryleigh Schneider
    Ryleigh Schneider
    Hace 23 días

    Me goind to sleep at 10:30: *wakes up from a loud add* Me: *looks at time* !!! 9 in the morning! i missed my meet O.O

  59. sebuhi yevlaxlı
    sebuhi yevlaxlı
    Hace 24 días


  60. Kobalt Fusion
    Kobalt Fusion
    Hace 25 días

    32:03 🖤

  61. Giusy Lop
    Giusy Lop
    Hace 25 días

    Which microphone do u use?

  62. Sticky Games
    Sticky Games
    Hace 27 días


  63. Brandon Hames
    Brandon Hames
    Hace 27 días

    God bless you🤤

  64. Giant Dad
    Giant Dad
    Hace 27 días

    this asmr is so good that im almost sleeping on my keyboar\ghnehtgnouj iklrf,m7

  65. Blake Destiny
    Blake Destiny
    Hace 29 días

    She literally deserves to have more subscribers

  66. Scott Caron
    Scott Caron
    Hace 29 días

    Never gotten tingles before sketch pad was the first time lol❤️❤️

  67. MeD AlgeriaN
    MeD AlgeriaN
    Hace un mes


  68. MeD AlgeriaN
    MeD AlgeriaN
    Hace un mes


  69. MeD AlgeriaN
    MeD AlgeriaN
    Hace un mes

    How to recover from Asmr addiction 😪

  70. Theadore Poundcake
    Theadore Poundcake
    Hace un mes

    I appreciate a woman that wears her wedding ring when making videos. It's classy.

    Hace un mes

    That ipad hit different 😌

  72. 40CAL MUSIC
    Hace un mes

    No one: Bakery: *taps* Me: bars

  73. Tyler Cable
    Tyler Cable
    Hace un mes

    Is anyone else obsessed with the previews? I love how it lets me hear so many sounds but stay so relaxing. And honestly it's a tingle booster on another level

  74. Vincent Anthony
    Vincent Anthony
    Hace un mes

    9:20 Flex big time

  75. Rana
    Hace un mes

    16:25 it sounds like someone is walking to my room

  76. Demøn Wolfę
    Demøn Wolfę
    Hace un mes


  77. Rana
    Hace un mes

    them nailz

  78. otaku_111
    Hace un mes

    Anyone else not watching this at night?

  79. Jess
    Hace un mes

    i wish i could listen to this when i'm editing but i cant use youtube and videostar at the same time:,) nvm i just discovered asmr on spotify😌✨

  80. aman-duh george
    aman-duh george
    Hace un mes


  81. Shirley Cabrera
    Shirley Cabrera
    Hace un mes

    Welcome back, we all know that it isn't your first time here

    1. Marguerite Granger
      Marguerite Granger
      Hace 14 días


  82. melissa saint
    melissa saint
    Hace un mes

    I'm having synesthesia, I pleasantly feel like I'm chewing on some of these sounds

  83. Extra ASMR
    Extra ASMR
    Hace un mes

    Check out my ASMR :)

  84. Laura Martial
    Laura Martial
    Hace un mes

    Je suis tellement fan de ce taping. Incroyable 💥

  85. lilstump55
    Hace un mes

    Jesus loves you and he died for your sins so that you could have eternal life

  86. Libxgoat Ö
    Libxgoat Ö
    Hace un mes

    Just me screaming YOU CANT BOODY HEAR IT or is that just me 😂😂

  87. steezy
    Hace un mes

    i will forever like tapping

  88. Guarino Lukas
    Guarino Lukas
    Hace un mes

    It was okay, tapping on a tablet, but ssuddenly, *GUCCI*

  89. Caramel Chocolates
    Caramel Chocolates
    Hace un mes

    I was about to sleep but then my headphones screamed "BEEEP" because the charge was finished- Like bruh i- - v -

  90. Callmebro
    Hace un mes

    Me sleeping to this asmr then :” WELCOME TO HEADSPACE!”

  91. Allie Grace
    Allie Grace
    Hace un mes

    your handsome/beautiful in God’s image he loves you!❤️Please love yourself! You are you and if someone wants you to change they are sick and rude! Took me a while to not be insecure with myself but now I’m happy I’m a kind person with confidence🌸I love to spread positivity! Everyone seeing this your PERFECT in God’s image because he loves you with every mighty piece of him!❤️You should be proud of the way u look! Never doubt yourself u can do anything u put your mind to! Love,Allie-❤️ Tiktok- woahchxrz (charli fanpage )

  92. phoenixbird ASMR
    phoenixbird ASMR
    Hace un mes

    Imagine if that tablet turned on from a notification... during the video

  93. Catalina Georgescu
    Catalina Georgescu
    Hace un mes

    Just ew ;-;

  94. GxchaSmH
    Hace un mes

    I’m not masking aesthetic songs for tiktok fanpages nope

  95. bawm mykr 7
    bawm mykr 7
    Hace un mes


  96. Alex Carmichael
    Alex Carmichael
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  97. Bobby
    Hace un mes

    I love how ppl are talking about how she's "flexing" her iPad but not her Gucci case X,D

  98. Ambient-array
    Hace un mes

    Instantly knocks me out. 10/10. I hate quick aggressive tapping and this is just perfect

  99. KittyCat 11
    KittyCat 11
    Hace un mes

    Sssniperwolf introduced me to asmr and I’m addicted now

  100. ASMR
    Hace un mes

    ASMR Bakery: tapping IPad Me: i wanna eat it right now!!