ASMR The Ultimate Ear Massage For Deep Sleep - ASMR No Talking

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ASMR The Ultimate Ear Massage For Deep Sleep - ASMR No Talking. + Some 3Dio triggers. Wanna sleep? Try this ASMR for sleep! :) I`ve collected many types of ear massage for you so that you will find your favorite trigger for the ears. I hope you tell me which one was your favorite in the comments below.
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Definition of ASMR:
An initialism for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.” The purpose of ASMR is to relax people. #ASMR videos are meant to give the viewer relaxing tingles at the back of their head and/or spine. ASMR videos usually involve one or more of the things: relaxing hand movements (visual triggers), gentle #asmrNoTalking, different #ASMRForSleep sounds, nail tapping and scratching, brushing sounds and etc.
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0:00 Preview
1:45 Ear Massage With Soapy Sponges
5:17 Ear Massage With Stress Balls
11:03 Hand Ear Massage
16:36 Ear Massage With Bubble Wrap
20:54 Ear Massage With Pom-Poms
26:10 Ear Massage With Fluffy Foxes
30:30 Ear Massage With Crunchy Foam Sheets
37:00 Ear Massage With Crunchy Sponges
42:00 Ear Massage With Steel Wool
46:31 Ear Massage With String Balls
51:54 Ear Massage With Crunchy Bristle Balls
57:21 Ear Massage With Big Sponges
1:02:57 Tapping Above Mic
1:07:36 Ear Massage With Bath Brushes
1:13:12 Ear Massage With Loofahs
1:19:22 Ear Massage With Foam Pads
1:23:15 Plastic Spiky Thing
1:25:35 Ear Massage With Straw Bags
1:29:55 Ear Massage With Flowers on Sticks


  1. StacyAster
    Hace 9 meses

    Hello everybody! I've been wanting to make this video for a long time, and now I've finally done it! More than 15 triggers on 3 Dio to help you relax and fall asleep and feel sooooo good 🤤 hope you`ll enjoy it. Sweet dreams! 🤗 Btw, this video will be available on Spotify very soon: And on the other platforms: estitle.infoUgx00NU_cR5rQycmjJN4AaABCQ

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    3. milk _0
      milk _0
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      I feel bad 4 u StacyAster. I wanted that microphone that you have but. I found out that it is one of the most complicated mics to edit. U spent all that time just to post this for us!

    4. Daniela Carolina CUBAS BERRIOS
      Daniela Carolina CUBAS BERRIOS
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      Lynne Ruth
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      Surely we'll enjoy it 😄😘👍

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    Georgie Sanchez
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    Ugh- perfect just perfect ☺️💖

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    Turtle Lover
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    So is no one going to pay attention that the think is off?

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    The video was awesome but some parts were loud and I didn't love them (that's my opinion)

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    Michelle Forzano Cervantes
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    y los latinoss donde estan?

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    Is one of them steel wool?

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      In the preview

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    Miroslav Bukovic
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    I just really fell asleep at the Preview

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    Da Boss
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    20:54 i thought it said "porn-porns" 🤣

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    carolina Medina
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    The asmr

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    Stefania Ops
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    Thank you Stacy for All

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    Wow das ist so schön zu hören, ich gebe einen Daumen hoch 👍

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    Love this one. Thanks !

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    •The Gacha Therian•
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    Wait... the mic is off, how is it working?

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    alexa dominique Concepción Martínez
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    aqui esta el comentario en español que tanto buscabas xd

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    Giuliano Ramoni Alves
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    Ева Самсонова
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    Asmr Méline
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    I pasted out watching this 10/10

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    Don’t we all wish that she was actually giving us ear massages with some of these things?

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    So Cool Stacy

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    nightly checklist do homework feed pets if any have some food drink some water or tea brush your teeth go to bed get your computer or phone go to youtube watch this video sleep well.

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    Walter Schwartz
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    Chonson de youtuber
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