ASMR Triggers SOOO Soothing You’ll Want to Sleep | Tapping and Scratching (No Talking)

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Welcome back to my channel! This video includes soothing tapping and scratching sounds to help you fall asleep fast!
00:00 preview
01:26 iPhone
07:45 cat toy
13:49 wooden marbles on a plate
18:45 vinyl surface
23:42 candle
29:05 fabric surface
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  1. ASMR Bakery
    ASMR Bakery
    Hace 4 meses

    Goodnight💖 Timestamp: 00:00 preview 01:26 iPhone 07:45 cat toy 13:49 wooden marbles on a plate 18:45 vinyl surface 23:42 candle 29:05 fabric surface

    1. Teal KittyCat o ᴥ o
      Teal KittyCat o ᴥ o
      Hace un mes

      I got a tiny uncomfortable tingle lol at iphone when i tapped the timestqmp..

    2. jakoby bowens
      jakoby bowens
      Hace un mes

      Good night

    3. Kc Pogost
      Kc Pogost
      Hace 2 meses

      It’s midnight so good morning and good night

    4. A gaming channel
      A gaming channel
      Hace 2 meses

      Thanks my dark black soul 🖤 turned gray , but in a hour its back to black 😈👿😈👿☠☠☠☠☠👹👹👹👹

    5. Angela Jimenez
      Angela Jimenez
      Hace 2 meses

      I really like the candle one

  2. Ayesha Wali
    Ayesha Wali
    Hace 52 minutos

    Once I hear ASMR vids play, that's it there is no going back, I feel sleepy and like laying my head down.

  3. enya
    Hace 17 horas

    постукивание по черному коврику гораздо интереснее звучит, чем деревянная игрушка с шариками? нууууууууууууууууу..... окей

  4. Angel CityGirl
    Angel CityGirl
    Hace 21 un hora

    Half the comments about the little cat 😁😁

  5. Zainab Jamil
    Zainab Jamil
    Hace 3 días

    Let's Just Say........ASMR Bakery HAS To be The BEST ASMRists Out There :)

    1. Ruby Doyle
      Ruby Doyle
      Hace un día

      Another great one in Gibi Asmr check her out

  6. AngelCakes
    Hace 7 días

    Repent and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior while you can!! Jesus is coming back soon, and sooner than you think!! Get right with God before it’s too late!

  7. Beatriz Oliverio
    Beatriz Oliverio
    Hace 7 días

    Is the cat toy a toy for the cat or cat made out of toy or a toy that is a cat

  8. Arabella Super
    Arabella Super
    Hace 8 días

    I feel asleep on the couch

  9. William Afton King of toast
    William Afton King of toast
    Hace 9 días

    i got triggers back yey

  10. Jeweliana Baray
    Jeweliana Baray
    Hace 9 días


  11. arielly
    Hace 9 días

    at this point you could flex off your iPhone, iPad, Gucci bag, and whatever in a single video and guess what? I wouldn´t care cause your asmr is so great!!

  12. ZildjianGuy90
    Hace 12 días

    Just a little constructive criticism from an audio guy. You should detach the mics from the surface from the table because they are amplifying midrange noise/thumping when you are tapping your objects. The second you lift the object the thumpy/noise goes away.. In other words, the mics are transferring noise. :)

  13. Jazzie Chameleon
    Jazzie Chameleon
    Hace 13 días

    Yasss. As a scratchy tapper addict, this video made it for me.

  14. Tia fox
    Tia fox
    Hace 13 días

    i never make it past the cat

  15. a literal poptart
    a literal poptart
    Hace 13 días

    they weren’t lying

  16. Vernika Singh
    Vernika Singh
    Hace 17 días


  17. Sky Wolf
    Sky Wolf
    Hace 18 días


  18. krispy
    Hace 19 días


  19. Tore Riise
    Tore Riise
    Hace 23 días

    0:00 preview 1:26 iPhone 7:45 cat toy 13:49 wooden marbles on a plate 18:45 vinyl surface 23:42 candle 29:05 fabric surface :)

  20. Kitten Lover
    Kitten Lover
    Hace 23 días

    6:00 remind’s me of a galloping horse

  21. Afiya Syamila
    Afiya Syamila
    Hace 24 días

    Questions of the day: how to be that orange cat

  22. Madelyn Hung
    Madelyn Hung
    Hace 26 días

    Love em nails grl

  23. MusicDemon :D
    MusicDemon :D
    Hace 27 días

    Did u know that Bakery is on Amazon Music? :0

  24. Cynthia Morris
    Cynthia Morris
    Hace 29 días

    Just letting you know that your work is so appreciated! My brain 🧠 sooo needs this asmr community

  25. Lisa Fair
    Lisa Fair
    Hace un mes

    Don’t forget you can slow the video down if you’d like. 🤤🥱😴

  26. Olivia Rose
    Olivia Rose
    Hace un mes

    This is why I like homeschool

  27. CJ Chang
    CJ Chang
    Hace un mes

    Hey what are you doing here? Stop reading the comments and go to sleep.

  28. ArcticFox_warrior
    Hace un mes

    I think you meant won’t want to sleep

  29. Quenton Straube
    Quenton Straube
    Hace un mes

    Tell me why I had my headphones really loud and the first ad I got was someone playing the bagpipes loud as hell

  30. Emaan Ali
    Emaan Ali
    Hace un mes

    I see you flexin that iPhone on us

  31. Dylan Candido
    Dylan Candido
    Hace un mes

    The wood on wood sounds are just amazing. I would love to hear more of it in a future video! :)

  32. Amina Osmankovic
    Amina Osmankovic
    Hace un mes

    I'm early 😍😍😍😍😴😴😴😴😀😀

  33. RMV6
    Hace un mes

    this channel is so sweaty at asmr

  34. Megan Caron
    Megan Caron
    Hace un mes

    i wanted to sleep and it was only the preview!

  35. Mike Leone
    Mike Leone
    Hace un mes

    You know what you're doing.

  36. Ahana Vaitla
    Ahana Vaitla
    Hace un mes

    Her iphone: stays off for ever My iphone: turns on when I look at it

  37. clxud paints
    clxud paints
    Hace un mes

    Me casually falling asleep to the sounds: My cat: casually lays on my phone...

  38. Lea
    Hace un mes

    The vinyl surface gave me so many tingles🤤yum, I don't get them often

  39. Upside of Nat
    Upside of Nat
    Hace un mes

    87.7% of the comments: “Something about the cat” 10.8% of the comments: “I fell asleep” 01.0% of the comments: “I watched the whole thing without a single feeling or sleepyness”

  40. Eva N
    Eva N
    Hace un mes

    If you like this, please visit @90's Kid ASMR on youtube, she's just starting with youtube and therefore she needs a lot of support.

  41. Ajia Echols
    Ajia Echols
    Hace un mes

    What phone is that, it looks like a remote

  42. Ragad RR
    Ragad RR
    Hace un mes


  43. K
    Hace un mes

    Scratching on the cat was amazing

  44. Megan Curley
    Megan Curley
    Hace un mes

    Ppl :taps on phone Me:is that Gona breack one day

  45. Dina ASMR
    Dina ASMR
    Hace un mes

    Hello guys! Please please check my first ASMR video - - I am so excited to share it with you🥰

  46. obscure reference
    obscure reference
    Hace un mes

    The fire mackes me exiety 😰😰😨😰😨😧😧😣😣😞😓😩😢

  47. Ruby showjumping
    Ruby showjumping
    Hace un mes

    The phone sounded like a demon

  48. Michaela Macháčková
    Michaela Macháčková
    Hace un mes

    Random timestamps✌️✌️ 1:56 5:34 7:49 10:15 16:25 18:33 21:21 26:52 29:30 33:26

  49. The next Champion
    The next Champion
    Hace un mes


  50. Rebecca Quinton
    Rebecca Quinton
    Hace un mes

    That orange kitty gave me my first ever tingles

  51. Rosy Gugly
    Rosy Gugly
    Hace un mes

    Wooden... love 🤩

  52. Hyacinth Feather
    Hyacinth Feather
    Hace 2 meses

    Whoever invented that cat toy was a genius!

  53. lila.
    Hace 2 meses

    me watching this at 4 am🧍‍♀️

  54. Alisha
    Hace 2 meses

    when she flexes her iphone 11 in asmr

  55. Tiffany Buckallew
    Tiffany Buckallew
    Hace 2 meses

    December 24th anyone because y’all know I can’t sleep

  56. Azman Isa
    Azman Isa
    Hace 2 meses

    I dont really like her scratching the phone the sound it just ⚰️

    1. Fairy Godmother
      Fairy Godmother
      Hace 2 meses

      Really?? I love it lol 😆

  57. Kshelle105
    Hace 2 meses

    You *gets tingles* know it’s a good video *gets tingles* when you get tingles *gets tingles* even with out headphones *gets tingles* now scroll back up and get sleep not read comments but leave a like btw love ur channel

  58. Vincent
    Hace 2 meses

    what... was the round thing under the cat’s tail?...

  59. Ilikekpop,Clairoand Anime
    Ilikekpop,Clairoand Anime
    Hace 2 meses

    The iPhone just hit diff 😝

  60. Lilfroggynellnell .b
    Lilfroggynellnell .b
    Hace 2 meses

    POV: your not watching this in full screen, and looking through comments while listening :)

  61. joslyn coleman
    joslyn coleman
    Hace 2 meses

    i love her nails lol.

  62. Kennedi
    Hace 2 meses

    Falling asleep in the preview 🤣😴

  63. Boi Syd
    Boi Syd
    Hace 2 meses

    I can just imagine that cat bein me🤤

  64. Max Le
    Max Le
    Hace 2 meses

    This is my older brothers account

  65. Max Le
    Max Le
    Hace 2 meses

    Like th sound

  66. Max Le
    Max Le
    Hace 2 meses

    It tickles me

  67. Max Le
    Max Le
    Hace 2 meses

    Ugh it just feels so good I love it

  68. Perin Bradwell
    Perin Bradwell
    Hace 2 meses

    💕Checklist💘 1. Did you lock your doors 2. Is autoplay off 3. Did you take medicine (if needed) 4. Are you comfy 5. Have you gone to the bathroom 6. Are you warm Enough 7. Did you feed your pets (if you have them) (if you need to)🐱🐕 8. is your fan on (if you have one) 9. Is the air or heat on 10. Are you thirsty 🥛 11. Is your phone on your charger ( if needed)🤳 12. Is your Alarm set💤⏰ 13 did you pray (if your religious) Have a wonderful night 😪😴

  69. Nylemer Anne Dela Cruz
    Nylemer Anne Dela Cruz
    Hace 2 meses

    3:01 that one rich girl flexing her phone on insta and tiktok

  70. Ashley Trent
    Ashley Trent
    Hace 2 meses

    I was about to sleep *but this is more important*

  71. Does my name go here?
    Does my name go here?
    Hace 2 meses

    it was so relaxing i wanted to sleep but at the same time i wanted to see what you were doing

  72. Annabelle Playzz
    Annabelle Playzz
    Hace 2 meses

    When she said “....” I really felt that

  73. Violeta P
    Violeta P
    Hace 2 meses

    It's 3am now and tomorrow I have school, EStitle knows exactly what to recommend

  74. gunay noname
    gunay noname
    Hace 2 meses

    It's great♡♡♡omg. Thank you♡

  75. R4M3NxN00DL3Z
    Hace 2 meses

    I’m trying to sleep, and this helping me

  76. Casey and eliza’s awesome amazing world
    Casey and eliza’s awesome amazing world
    Hace 2 meses

    I got sleepy by the second one!😂😪

  77. Sora FromPigalle
    Sora FromPigalle
    Hace 2 meses

    the cat is incredible dude

  78. Idk what to put
    Idk what to put
    Hace 2 meses

    Can you please just do a hole video with that cat toy

  79. Matilda Cammilleri
    Matilda Cammilleri
    Hace 2 meses

    Very good

  80. Elizabeth Pletch
    Elizabeth Pletch
    Hace 2 meses

    bakery, you're my favourite channel! you always know the best triggers!

  81. nicki minaj
    nicki minaj
    Hace 2 meses

    we have the same phone omg!!!

  82. Jasmine Wright
    Jasmine Wright
    Hace 2 meses

    Ok I’m only commenting to bc the 1000th comment lol

  83. Priyanka Thorat
    Priyanka Thorat
    Hace 2 meses

    Everyone getting satisfied with the triggers.. Le me: Stares continuously at her nails!🤭

  84. Miraal Fatima
    Miraal Fatima
    Hace 2 meses

    deos"nt anyone think that she has better asmr than Gibi asmr and others..... . but why she has less subscribers

  85. arwa is studying
    arwa is studying
    Hace 2 meses

    UwU the nail colour is so cute 🥲💜

  86. voicu Maria-Eliza
    voicu Maria-Eliza
    Hace 2 meses

    This really made me fall asleep

  87. Egg Sandwich
    Egg Sandwich
    Hace 2 meses

    991st comment

  88. Matthew Liu
    Matthew Liu
    Hace 2 meses

    If that cat was in blue colour.I would have simply presumed it's Doraemon😎.

  89. Xorlette
    Hace 2 meses

    AYE stop flexing 💪💖😩💅✨😌

  90. SOAPeaceful ASMR
    SOAPeaceful ASMR
    Hace 2 meses

    Nice sounds. P.S. luvvvvvv your nails! 💅

    Hace 2 meses

  92. - dondelion -
    - dondelion -
    Hace 2 meses

    Brilliant Amazing Keep going Eye? Right Y are you so talented

  93. Shiney Diamond
    Shiney Diamond
    Hace 2 meses

    ~Nightly reminders❤~ ❤Have you turned the lights out? 💛Have you brushed your teeth? 💚Have you taken off Jewelry/glasses/makeup/etc. 💙Are you in PJ's 💛Have you drunken at least one glass of water? 💚Is your brightness all the way down? 💙Have you taken any needed medication? ❤Is your device charging? 💛Have you finished homework/work? 💚Have you said goodnight to loved ones? 💙Have you written in your journal? ❤Have you locked doors and closed blinds/curtains? 💛Have you set your alarms? ~Did you know.....~ The word "babysitting" came from hens!! Since they sat on their eggs, they were the baby-sitter! ~Tips for mindfulness/sleep~ While trying to sleep, think of your plans for the next day, think of any exiting events or just things that make you happy! Whether its a bowl of yummy cereal or a road trip to your favorite place! Goodnight❤ ~Shiney Diamond

  94. RamenSky
    Hace 2 meses

    Happy 700k!!!!

  95. S P I K E S
    S P I K E S
    Hace 2 meses

    Listen to this with Dolby atmos on!!

  96. Phantasia Blue
    Phantasia Blue
    Hace 3 meses

    Where'd you get the cat? 💙🐱💙

  97. Rosies Life
    Rosies Life
    Hace 3 meses

    Does anyone feel their eyes are rolling back into the socket? No...just me? Ok! 🙃

  98. softii crème
    softii crème
    Hace 3 meses

    The cat is enjoying itself too 😔✊

  99. • Uno reverse card •
    • Uno reverse card •
    Hace 3 meses

    Me waiting for the phone to switches on: 👁👄👁

  100. Tyla Fedele
    Tyla Fedele
    Hace 3 meses

    Hello random user, First, I hope you’re having a beautiful day. Second, I want you to reply to this comment with the advertisement you got when clicking on the video. I got an ad for Bunnings Warehouse. Have a fantabulous evening😘

    1. Musa Haji
      Musa Haji
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