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Cardi B
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Cardi B - Up

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Atlantic Records
Commissioner: Kareem Johnson / OverScene LLC
SVP / Head of Marketing: Marsha St. Hubert
Video Operations for Atlantic Records: Lily Thrall
Prod Co: UnderWonder Content
Director: Tanu Muino
Exec Producer: Frank Borin & Ivanna Borin
Producer: Tay Hawes
Director of Photography: Nikita Kuzmenko
Production Designer: Brandon Mendez
1st AD: Jonas Morales
Editor: Vinnie Hobbs
Color: Dave Hussey
Beauty/VFX: Max Colt
Choreography: Sean Bankhead
Styling: Kollin Carter
Hair: Tokyo Stylez
Makeup: Erika LaPearl
Nails: Marie Nailz


  1. Kale Kale
    Kale Kale
    Hace 4 horas

    You losing boi if you lose gotta stay broke and I show you the relapse

  2. Vanessa norcius
    Vanessa norcius
    Hace 4 horas

  3. John Lester Fradejas
    John Lester Fradejas
    Hace 4 horas

    this is so addicting!

  4. lily
    Hace 4 horas


  5. Chanyel
    Hace 4 horas

    i will wait for people in 2028-2030 to see this , i'll wait.

  6. Ethan
    Hace 4 horas

    I was just trying to watch the Disney movie:(

  7. britt Perales
    britt Perales
    Hace 4 horas

    On replay for life!!!!!

  8. Cleiton Pereira
    Cleiton Pereira
    Hace 5 horas

    Card B is the best female icon in rap

  9. Danielle Star
    Danielle Star
    Hace 5 horas

    I fuxking love this song

  10. Katrina B
    Katrina B
    Hace 5 horas

    And this is why kids are so dumb this music is straight up trash

  11. jisoo soup
    jisoo soup
    Hace 5 horas

    Cardi Queen

  12. Hdlshelehrlduidi 1233
    Hdlshelehrlduidi 1233
    Hace 5 horas


  13. Rod
    Hace 5 horas

    Aesthetic... Wew

  14. Aljhur Quitoriano
    Aljhur Quitoriano
    Hace 5 horas

    Up up upppp

  15. Hello Camp
    Hello Camp
    Hace 5 horas


  16. Charlotte Molly
    Charlotte Molly
    Hace 5 horas

    I love ur music

  17. Gilbert Gabriel
    Gilbert Gabriel
    Hace 5 horas

    let me catch my son waiting this

  18. Bradley Pohlman
    Bradley Pohlman
    Hace 5 horas

    She’s bad at making music😊😊😊😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😝😝😝😝🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🥶🥶🥶🥶🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😵😵😵😵😵😵💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀😈😈😈😈😈😈✊✊✊✊✊✊

  19. Michael Licayan
    Michael Licayan
    Hace 5 horas

    i know thats right 💅😘

  20. Hvrmvny
    Hace 5 horas


  21. Inthecut Jay
    Inthecut Jay
    Hace 5 horas

  22. Life Is good
    Life Is good
    Hace 5 horas

    All the dislikes are from people who keep it up be it was not stuck

  23. Air Braden23
    Air Braden23
    Hace 5 horas

    God give her this gift and rhis is what she does with it , just slaps him in the face , shameful.

  24. Izolda Almadakova
    Izolda Almadakova
    Hace 5 horas

    Гадко и мерзко🤦

  25. Mariana Oliveira
    Mariana Oliveira
    Hace 5 horas

    thanks somi

  26. RaynaldyGameIndo
    Hace 5 horas


  27. Christine Melody
    Christine Melody
    Hace 5 horas

    This jawn fire 🔥 I thought cardi was falling off , NEVER

  28. Ahjah Al-Lateef
    Ahjah Al-Lateef
    Hace 5 horas

    Omg- did anyone else her tongue kissing a girl 👁👄👁 We love that bi energy😌💅

  29. Luria Marlla
    Luria Marlla
    Hace 5 horas

    Maravilhosaaaaa 😍👊🏻

  30. Barbara Hoskins
    Barbara Hoskins
    Hace 5 horas

    U have the best song ever in the world

  31. bruh
    Hace 5 horas

    I'll just be sitting in the corner listening to yellow submarine

  32. Zan.
    Hace 6 horas

    This song sounds like garbage. Too much compression.

    1. moonlight
      Hace 5 horas

      it sounds good

  33. Elia Gonzalez
    Elia Gonzalez
    Hace 6 horas

    tu tatuaje es jenial

  34. Queen Bee's Cupcakes Official
    Queen Bee's Cupcakes Official
    Hace 6 horas

    Cardi: Broke N!&&@$ don't deserve no Kitty The Dolls in her head: I KNOW THAT'S RIGHT Men: So is that a no? 👁👄👁

    1. moonlight
      Hace 5 horas

      broke boys** lol

  35. Harraz Naufal
    Harraz Naufal
    Hace 6 horas

    Ma new work out song.

  36. Callmehbob
    Hace 6 horas

    Miss gurl was that a dilo? Or a stick

  37. Donna Kiernan
    Donna Kiernan
    Hace 6 horas

    The dislikes are the barbz-

  38. nackia Johnson
    nackia Johnson
    Hace 6 horas

    One 👍💪💖🏆🏆🏆

  39. LWM ShotZ
    LWM ShotZ
    Hace 6 horas

    I would love to be cardi’s camera man 👀 where can I sign up?😂

  40. Lizzie Kurzawa
    Lizzie Kurzawa
    Hace 6 horas

    I still like 34+35 better

  41. Ronalee Hemmings
    Ronalee Hemmings
    Hace 6 horas

    R I P 2020

  42. lulu12 lulu12
    lulu12 lulu12
    Hace 6 horas

    1:11 coronavirus >:O xdd

  43. Cxsmic_Mxlly
    Hace 6 horas

    This is fire asff🔥🔥

  44. Jeremy Fitzgerald
    Jeremy Fitzgerald
    Hace 6 horas

    0:25 i didnt know it was this early

  45. Maryi Lorena agredo
    Maryi Lorena agredo
    Hace 6 horas

    Cardi b es la puta ama 🛐🛐

  46. Aervin Nyl Elpalan
    Aervin Nyl Elpalan
    Hace 6 horas

    Not the barbs disliking this😭

  47. emma's left ear
    emma's left ear
    Hace 6 horas

    miss girl what's capanese ☹️

  48. Atlantic_Lee
    Hace 6 horas

    New dance chwck out my tik tok Atlantic_ Lee

  49. Michelle Easter
    Michelle Easter
    Hace 7 horas

    Wait is that amber from llh .. ion like her but her black beautiful skin is glowing

  50. Divinistry
    Hace 7 horas

    If it's up Then it's up And it's stuck, in ya butt Low key constipation song.

  51. Soros W
    Soros W
    Hace 7 horas

    Played it at 0.25

  52. Catherine S. Todd
    Catherine S. Todd
    Hace 7 horas

    I don't think Janet Jackson had this in mind when she showed the world what "strong and independent" meant. Dear God in Heaven, I hope little girls follow Janet's lead. Not this one.

  53. emilie yahya
    emilie yahya
    Hace 7 horas

    Can’t believe this song is about Poop (Constipation )

  54. Linda Mulligan
    Linda Mulligan
    Hace 7 horas

    I would not want my young Granddaughter watching the likes of this. The language is disgusting.

  55. Ariana Grande lover
    Ariana Grande lover
    Hace 7 horas

    Unpopular opinion: Cardi always has the best dancers!

  56. LeBeyza
    Hace 7 horas

    That bitch make me feel like god 🔥

  57. G A T O A L A D O
    G A T O A L A D O
    Hace 7 horas

    Agora que eu vi o Boy embaixo sa mesa de vidro 😲CHOCADA

  58. サ空サShinobi
    Hace 7 horas


  59. Targaryen
    Hace 7 horas

    Dat song dat makz u go...hold on ah second

  60. BiGQuincie
    Hace 7 horas

    I just flipped the switch 🤔🤔

  61. Caroll Fuentes
    Caroll Fuentes
    Hace 7 horas


  62. Melanie Mae
    Melanie Mae
    Hace 7 horas

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact that the Gummy Bear Album is coming to store on November 13th

  63. Emilee Ledger
    Emilee Ledger
    Hace 7 horas

    *Who else things cardi and dojo cats voice sound the same*

  64. Sylvester The Cat
    Sylvester The Cat
    Hace 7 horas

    Bull s. Song by.

  65. JJ'sGamingWorld
    Hace 7 horas

    Just gonna say y’all out y’all tounges together so like corona go come lol you duh one that did the and it’s real

  66. Vaping Cat
    Vaping Cat
    Hace 7 horas

    I can smell the yeast infections from my screen

  67. David Taylor
    David Taylor
    Hace 7 horas

    This isn’t that good tbh

  68. Melanie Mae
    Melanie Mae
    Hace 7 horas

    I caught my niece searching for the movie “up” and was watching this. Thanks a lot Cardi 😭

  69. Bagelmom
    Hace 7 horas

    Big Bisexual vibes in this music video, go off sis lmao

  70. Cassandra Navarrete
    Cassandra Navarrete
    Hace 7 horas


  71. Deric M. Lisboa
    Deric M. Lisboa
    Hace 7 horas

    I can't believe this is just 2:49 minutes. It looks like more than 6 minutes.

    1. Harraz Naufal
      Harraz Naufal
      Hace 6 horas


  72. Tashona Johnson
    Tashona Johnson
    Hace 7 horas

    Dam,I felt like it should of been a part2

  73. Stevionna Anderson
    Stevionna Anderson
    Hace 8 horas


  74. Maden Sayers
    Maden Sayers
    Hace 8 horas

    Is Cardi B gay?

    1. Harraz Naufal
      Harraz Naufal
      Hace 6 horas

      just acting

  75. Bardi Gang
    Bardi Gang
    Hace 8 horas


  76. boomKnootz88
    Hace 8 horas

    The beat sounds like Jae P- Al Estilo Mexicano

  77. Mbah Perez
    Mbah Perez
    Hace 8 horas

    Omg you all. Things good

  78. Kemp Family Television
    Kemp Family Television
    Hace 8 horas

    "Breath smells like horse 🐴 sex"🤔😂

  79. ArminiusAurus
    Hace 8 horas

    So kids, if you ever ask yourself: was it ever better? Yes it was:

  80. Xr Rd
    Xr Rd
    Hace 8 horas

    صوتها يجننن

  81. Just another Atheist
    Just another Atheist
    Hace 8 horas

    That Dress looks cool @ 2:12

  82. ChickenFinger
    Hace 8 horas

    Producer: Okay cardi what do you wanna wear for the stair case scene. cardi: *p l a s t i c*

    1. Divinistry
      Hace 7 horas


  83. T Dawg
    T Dawg
    Hace 8 horas

    If we get a whole album of these anthems ill never doubt cardi again

  84. Juan e
    Juan e
    Hace 8 horas

    Hey y'all just wanted to remind you that cardi b is BS .

  85. cb4n
    Hace 8 horas


  86. BrownGirl, ColorStruckWorld!
    BrownGirl, ColorStruckWorld!
    Hace 8 horas

    If what is up then whats stuck? lol issa bop, but I'm confused hahaha

  87. Amity Blight
    Amity Blight
    Hace 8 horas

    This just made me 100x gayer

  88. Lily Lyrics
    Lily Lyrics
    Hace 8 horas

    The RIP 2020😂🤣

  89. Absar Siddiqui
    Absar Siddiqui
    Hace 8 horas

  90. Absar Siddiqui
    Absar Siddiqui
    Hace 8 horas

  91. SUn_love289 My Roblox username
    SUn_love289 My Roblox username
    Hace 8 horas

    The fact they were kissing 😁😁😁🥰🥰🥰🥰

  92. Melodee Miller
    Melodee Miller
    Hace 8 horas

    What is this "if the N***a had a twin I would let him run a train"? This is a horrendous song and a sad display of where our society is at. I'm no prude, I listen to old school rap all the time, but this, this is plain Trash! But I will always support Cardi b because she's a fighter and someone worth rooting for.

  93. داليا الحازمي
    داليا الحازمي
    Hace 8 horas


  94. Zhen
    Hace 8 horas

    Ayyyye found it

  95. Taneshia Butts
    Taneshia Butts
    Hace 9 horas

    Do the dam thang Cardi B

  96. Sara Santos
    Sara Santos
    Hace 9 horas


  97. aber dunsky
    aber dunsky
    Hace 9 horas

    good song to work out too doh

  98. aber dunsky
    aber dunsky
    Hace 9 horas

    and they say trump is nasty? lol

  99. Sgt Studda
    Sgt Studda
    Hace 9 horas

    T r a s h

  100. Sgt Studda
    Sgt Studda
    Hace 9 horas