I Survived On $0.01 For 1 Week - Day 3

Ryan Trahan
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7 days. 1 penny. day 3. 0 fricks left to give.
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  1. yikes
    Hace 23 horas

    wow ryan, penny challenge and you have a thousand dollar phone at your disposal, and you're very handsome looking? you're doing a great job. and honestly the fact that you're 5' 8" doesn't even make you less of a man

    1. Fourtwenty Sixtynine
      Fourtwenty Sixtynine
      Hace 9 minutos


    2. Sophie Sprenger
      Sophie Sprenger
      Hace 9 minutos

      Lol yeah

    3. DBXATZ
      Hace 19 minutos


    4. Marco Gaming
      Marco Gaming
      Hace 54 minutos

      Bruh I didn’t expect Ryan to pin yikes

    5. Frendrik Roli
      Frendrik Roli
      Hace 2 horas


  2. Sophie Braam
    Sophie Braam
    Hace 4 minutos

    How the heck do u not get sick of those mchickens

  3. Sam Sargent
    Sam Sargent
    Hace 5 minutos

    almost $6k raised. Its a good thing youre doing

  4. brtutal beast
    brtutal beast
    Hace 5 minutos

    You can name us ryathans 😘

  5. Ccmusic
    Hace 5 minutos

    This man spent $4.33 on an iced coffee and promptly spit it all over his shirt. 🤣

  6. Pwquattro
    Hace 7 minutos

    sheeesh boi is trendng

  7. Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ
    Hace 7 minutos

    Ryan is a big Zionist

  8. Mr. Hamster
    Mr. Hamster
    Hace 9 minutos

    My guy ate 10 mkchickens in 3 days that can’t be healthy

  9. Max Eisenhut
    Max Eisenhut
    Hace 10 minutos

    I Laughed at every single one of your jokes

  10. Road Runner
    Road Runner
    Hace 11 minutos

    Ryan stole a joke off of the internet 😂

  11. ellianah
    Hace 12 minutos

    This video is proof that my sense of humour is broken

  12. Space
    Hace 13 minutos

    I love his enthusiasm, especially towards the end right after he bought the 3 McChickens at 16:25.

  13. Flamis
    Hace 13 minutos

    Can you survive in flat forest with 100$ ? You have only basic cloths 100$ , mobile phone with 25% without powerbank ( you can buy if you like ) , and bigger backpack . Im giving you challenge

  14. Space
    Hace 14 minutos

    I love his enthusiasm, especially towards the end right after he bought the 3 McChickens.

  15. channyfish
    Hace 15 minutos

    We all should appreciate Ryan's love for McChicken's

  16. small fries
    small fries
    Hace 15 minutos

    I just noticed how much he sounds like Ben Schwartz

  17. Andrew Jones
    Andrew Jones
    Hace 16 minutos

    SPLENDID 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕

  18. aplh sixer
    aplh sixer
    Hace 16 minutos


  19. SirAuri
    Hace 16 minutos

    I really like this series

  20. Sandid
    Hace 16 minutos

    I'm glad that the person reading this is alive.

  21. Space
    Hace 16 minutos

    I really thought that he was going to get robbed.

  22. Derp ?
    Derp ?
    Hace 16 minutos

    If you asked people 25 and under anti jokes you would’ve gotten them every time

  23. The Pogineer
    The Pogineer
    Hace 17 minutos

    number one on trending damn

  24. William Oldaker
    William Oldaker
    Hace 17 minutos

    This is bullshit.

  25. Why Rainbow
    Why Rainbow
    Hace 18 minutos

    Quinn my guy

  26. Jswag_408
    Hace 21 un minuto

    He just lied lol when he did a joke

  27. Hooryah Ahmed
    Hooryah Ahmed
    Hace 21 un minuto

    i will tell a good one "what do you call a cave mens fart ......a blast from the past"

  28. A180CombatBowser Game pro
    A180CombatBowser Game pro
    Hace 24 minutos

    this is all homeless people ned to do

  29. Form Scoper
    Form Scoper
    Hace 25 minutos

    Raised allmost 3000 dollars in 22 hours crAZY

  30. Jon blablabla
    Jon blablabla
    Hace 25 minutos


    Hace 26 minutos

    This is a life hack for the poor

  32. Terminator264
    Hace 27 minutos

    Joe mama

  33. Minimik75
    Hace 27 minutos

    11:16 When the impasta is sus! 😳

  34. Godly Funk
    Godly Funk
    Hace 27 minutos

    get this 40 likes

    Hace 29 minutos

    r u racist

  36. Hell Slayer
    Hell Slayer
    Hace 29 minutos

    2:22 Hehe a stack of money..

  37. sci_ith
    Hace 31 un minuto

    My guy gained 100k in 2 days

  38. Space
    Hace 31 un minuto

    Idk why but I’m really into this show.

  39. hannah
    Hace 32 minutos

    #1 on trending 👏👏👏

  40. Terrance Thomas
    Terrance Thomas
    Hace 32 minutos

    The amount of second hand embarrassment was astronomical 😭

  41. Jashawn Mcgee
    Jashawn Mcgee
    Hace 32 minutos

    Good job

  42. Drippy BRUH
    Drippy BRUH
    Hace 35 minutos

    Idk if this is a good suggestion or not but we could be called the Quinn’s

  43. Kai Zhangtan
    Kai Zhangtan
    Hace 35 minutos

    #1 trending!

  44. Dominic Meier
    Dominic Meier
    Hace 36 minutos

    It’s okay Ryan I laughed at every single one of ur jokes

  45. lolrainy
    Hace 36 minutos

    who is here when he is #1 on trending?

  46. Kiallope Bella
    Kiallope Bella
    Hace 36 minutos

    I HAVE 43 EFFING CENTS. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I wish I was here at day 1 to inspire Ryan to do this to someone when he only had 43c 😭

  47. Aboudy Nashar
    Aboudy Nashar
    Hace 36 minutos

    I feel this episode had bigger potential

  48. Gabriel Castro
    Gabriel Castro
    Hace 38 minutos

    I got the first episode recommended yesterday and I can't wait for the next one. Thank you EStitle

  49. JPXC
    Hace 39 minutos

    aye he did the Uber eats on a bike

  50. Going4it
    Hace 39 minutos

    imagine having the penny he began with...

  51. JPXC
    Hace 39 minutos

    How many mcchickens will Ryan eat by the end of this series? I’m gonna guess 35

  52. Blavk Ptero
    Blavk Ptero
    Hace 39 minutos


  53. Mr. Young living
    Mr. Young living
    Hace 40 minutos

    Just someone stealing the bike me um Ryan.

  54. Nate Tomlin
    Nate Tomlin
    Hace 42 minutos

    I used to watch this dude on my desktop whenever I saw him on recommendation. The last video I believe I watched was the potato one and now I see him on trending. Good job dude!

  55. Brian Quillen
    Brian Quillen
    Hace 43 minutos

    We All Know This Is How Jeff Bezos Made His Money Selling Candy On The Streets

  56. Sleepen
    Hace 43 minutos

    This guy could live on a penny forever and become a billionaire from the videos

  57. Addison R
    Addison R
    Hace 44 minutos

    You remind me of a EStitle named calus I don't know how to spell it but he's a reaction youtuber

  58. Dr. Zebra
    Dr. Zebra
    Hace 45 minutos

    Who else saw the title and thought it was about Mrs. Drohn Draye?! LOL!!

  59. Just a bit of Spice
    Just a bit of Spice
    Hace 45 minutos

    I would immediately quit if I didn’t make someone laugh. I wish I had your confidence.

  60. ZE DUCKY
    Hace 46 minutos

    That last joke got me so much

  61. Espawz1
    Hace 46 minutos

    3millllll and #1 on trending letssssss go

  62. hunterweinmann
    Hace 47 minutos

    Shit is electric lmao

  63. Evan Vanderwerf
    Evan Vanderwerf
    Hace 47 minutos

    12:14 god that was painful to watch

  64. Lock 1x
    Lock 1x
    Hace 48 minutos

    Number 1 on trending!

  65. Jake Lomas
    Jake Lomas
    Hace 49 minutos

    If you think about it he should be adding the money he makes from these videos to the total.

  66. Damsterhamster
    Hace 49 minutos

    Wow i just got 69 likes on this comment!

  67. Just a bit of Spice
    Just a bit of Spice
    Hace 50 minutos

    This mans ego must have gone on a roller coster ride

  68. Matthew Arendt
    Matthew Arendt
    Hace 50 minutos

    Trahammer Gang how about that

  69. Ethan Ball
    Ethan Ball
    Hace 50 minutos

    Hol up you tellin me hot n spicy’s are not $1 everywhere.

  70. Samson Lund
    Samson Lund
    Hace 51 un minuto

    invest with the money

    1. Samson Lund
      Samson Lund
      Hace 50 minutos

      and save the money

  71. KUKI
    Hace 51 un minuto


  72. lizzie sosa
    lizzie sosa
    Hace 51 un minuto

    ryan is absolutely popping off right now lets gooooo

  73. Child eater
    Child eater
    Hace 52 minutos

    He looks like a mini Jake Paul.

  74. monsternoko
    Hace 52 minutos

    He’s first on trending

  75. Addesmagasin
    Hace 52 minutos

    You should invest some money maybe

  76. Diglett
    Hace 53 minutos

    I would get a bike chain just in case someone tries to steal your bike. That or a GPS

  77. - ItzAshley -
    - ItzAshley -
    Hace 54 minutos

    *akward silent* 😶

  78. Aubrey Mazur
    Aubrey Mazur
    Hace 54 minutos

    Omg I knew the alligator joke!!!!

  79. ZackGaming
    Hace 54 minutos


  80. TurdC The Turtle
    TurdC The Turtle
    Hace 56 minutos

    Ryan traclan

  81. Roman Marshman
    Roman Marshman
    Hace 56 minutos

    back to back #1 trending lets goooooo

  82. STILL
    Hace 56 minutos

    One is stuck playing the impassioned protagonist in one’s Subjective Narrative of Self 🔻

  83. Jrob Gaming
    Jrob Gaming
    Hace 56 minutos

    The likes on this comment are how many chickens Ryan has killed

  84. SilentGreninja
    Hace 57 minutos

    Now here's a question... Does lightning McQueen have health care or car insurance

  85. Reynard Hakim
    Reynard Hakim
    Hace 57 minutos

    I laughed at the a fsh

  86. Sunam Music
    Sunam Music
    Hace 58 minutos

    Lots of love from Nepal 🇳🇵😍

  87. Wicked Intuition
    Wicked Intuition
    Hace 59 minutos

    Aye matey is my new favorite joke

  88. Abby
    Hace un hora

    Congrats on 3 million Ryan!

  89. Zwarte Piet
    Zwarte Piet
    Hace un hora

    ***seriously if everyone did this no one would be poor***

  90. Odnalyt
    Hace un hora


  91. -7kzevillz -
    -7kzevillz -
    Hace un hora

    I wanna try this but im not confident enough

  92. Colton Does all sports
    Colton Does all sports
    Hace un hora


  93. Mythical
    Hace un hora

    8776th commentl letsgoo

  94. Devil Monkey art
    Devil Monkey art
    Hace un hora

    Ayeee mateyyy

  95. Curlsgetsthegirls
    Hace un hora

    #1 on trending😳

  96. edward frans
    edward frans
    Hace un hora

    make trahan army

  97. Splash Yo!
    Splash Yo!
    Hace un hora

    Does anyone like my toxic song 🖤🖤🖤

  98. Jeff 25
    Jeff 25
    Hace un hora

    Do the lemonade stand again

  99. xxDinoPlaysxx
    Hace un hora

    I think the ways he said investigator and laughed threw her off😂🤣

  100. Sara Alves
    Sara Alves
    Hace un hora

    in 3 days you've made as much money as I have in my life savings