I turn Fridge Compressor into 220v electric Generator

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Let's Learn Something, after a few days of work here is the look of our converted Electric Generator from fridge compressor and I also used 2 Stroke engine because it is easy to make.
Watch this video, you won't find the most powerful mini generator anywhere else. The greatest inventions of the universe will appear on my EStitle channel.
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  1. Dolphincliffs
    Hace 10 minutos

    This only works if the earth is flat. It ain't.

  2. Go Gogowa
    Go Gogowa
    Hace un hora


  3. Go Gogowa
    Go Gogowa
    Hace un hora


  4. Elian Valdez
    Elian Valdez
    Hace un hora

    No lo se rick, parece falso :/

  5. Ne imkansizmi Tv Ne imkansizmi Tv
    Ne imkansizmi Tv Ne imkansizmi Tv
    Hace un hora


  6. Dale Sorensen
    Dale Sorensen
    Hace 6 horas

    Don’t. Get poop on the unit!

  7. Brandon Kulow
    Brandon Kulow
    Hace 6 horas

    Phenomenal Mind you have there brotha keep it up!

  8. Alfonso Pereira
    Alfonso Pereira
    Hace 6 horas

    Ese rotor no queda magnetizado, los tornillos puede ser, trabajo en vano.

  9. أينشتاين Einstein
    أينشتاين Einstein
    Hace 6 horas

    مخادع كذاب Deceitful liar

  10. Gene Raza
    Gene Raza
    Hace 7 horas

    Fine illusion man. However, I did not think this was going to be a magic show. What next? A nuclear reactor from a box of matches?

  11. Arn Bon
    Arn Bon
    Hace 9 horas

    Yeah , 6000w from a 200w fridge compressor. Good deal!.😁

  12. Emran Bhuiyan
    Emran Bhuiyan
    Hace 11 horas


  13. Joe Green
    Joe Green
    Hace 13 horas

    Next time please use the guard on the angle grinder

  14. Shaun Mickael Villa
    Shaun Mickael Villa
    Hace 14 horas

    nice video

  15. Deepak Kumar
    Deepak Kumar
    Hace 15 horas


  16. Hamid Janjua
    Hamid Janjua
    Hace 19 horas

    What is the red motor made of, and what is it stand for? The red thing that you attached with the modified fridge compressor.!? And how does it run? With patrol?

  17. Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford
    Hace 19 horas

    Cool, good job. 👍

  18. Mark Vandersommen
    Mark Vandersommen
    Hace 20 horas

    Seems to be working, I would be interested To know how long that motor will run and how much gas it uses.

  19. Wojtek Kedzierawski
    Wojtek Kedzierawski
    Hace 21 un hora

    Ściema i ciekawe jak tv ma głośno a i tak serio to ten pasek by sobie naprężył. Ogólnie lipa i ściema . Szkoda paliwa i bardzo eko sprzęt.

  20. Cesar Galicia
    Cesar Galicia
    Hace 22 horas

    Let me use my generator to run my generator.

  21. Paul Pavlinovich
    Paul Pavlinovich
    Hace 23 horas

    Ingenuity 10. Safety 0.

  22. Siegfried Zeidler
    Siegfried Zeidler
    Hace un día

    Wieviel bezahlen sie dir für diese scheisse?

  23. Billanti Giovanni
    Billanti Giovanni
    Hace un día

    Perché fare tutto questo lavoro se poi si collega ad un gruppo elettrogeno per derivare il movimento della cinghia ?

  24. Bryan Liggett
    Bryan Liggett
    Hace un día

    Thank you

  25. Ruben Gonzalez
    Ruben Gonzalez
    Hace un día

    El video das falso que pude ver

  26. Big Rich
    Big Rich
    Hace un día

    I know it can't happen and your so good it would never happen to you. Wafer wheels blow up and destroy human flesh.. I see the work boots too.

  27. Abdullokh Sultonov
    Abdullokh Sultonov
    Hace un día

    U should have done this with bike without fuel energy but still this is very good effort

  28. Murali Bhendekar
    Murali Bhendekar
    Hace un día

    U have done so much of work on that compressor used many tools which r not available in a common home bushhhhh.. I think buying new generator is better.. best of luck

  29. Joel Dunn
    Joel Dunn
    Hace un día

    Very good but im pretty sure thats 110v. TVs and refrigerators run on 110 and your voltmeter said 110

  30. معاذ محمود
    معاذ محمود
    Hace un día


  31. Carlos mimendi dewar Mimendi
    Carlos mimendi dewar Mimendi
    Hace un día

    El rotor no está fijo x un lado y el estator necesita positivo y negativo constante a revoluciones de acuerdo a los ha el país. Eso. No sirve

  32. Ufo Union TV
    Ufo Union TV
    Hace un día

    Wow that's very interesting 😎

  33. Roberto Camacho
    Roberto Camacho
    Hace un día

    Porque no lo limpiaste antes?

  34. Sultan Ahmed
    Sultan Ahmed
    Hace un día


  35. Francisco Chagas
    Francisco Chagas
    Hace un día

    cheio de professor pardal inventar o inventado sai disso.

  36. Hendrik Ok
    Hendrik Ok
    Hace un día

    Nice i like

  37. FLYAGI
    Hace un día

    In future videos please show all ten fingers first. That way we know when you lost a couple of them from your grinding skills.

  38. logesh saravan
    logesh saravan
    Hace un día

    This background music more irritating ..

  39. mike johnson
    mike johnson
    Hace un día

    Fascinating!! Wish we were neighbors, thank you for posting 😃👍

  40. C D
    C D
    Hace un día

    I’ve never seen a water-cooled tv signal before

  41. Luca Gabella
    Luca Gabella
    Hace un día

    Durerà molto senza lubrificazione quel “generatore”, oltretutto come farà a regolare precisamente i giri per avere voltaggio ed hertz corretti?? Magia di EStitle!🤪

  42. Brindia Entertainment
    Brindia Entertainment
    Hace un día

    How to get 250 volt AC from 3hp engine water motor

  43. Aurangzeb Khan
    Aurangzeb Khan
    Hace un día

    Why he use another generator ?

  44. Diego sousa
    Diego sousa
    Hace un día

    08:01 tem um corte

  45. Mario Wanderley
    Mario Wanderley
    Hace un día


  46. Lucas Mendes
    Lucas Mendes
    Hace un día

    Interessante só não creio muito na imantação mais se funciona creio que seja potente porque ele não estava rodando com giros significativos .

  47. Road warriors team bikers
    Road warriors team bikers
    Hace un día

    It's fake what about frequency?? 🤔🤔😳😳

  48. lacky Ali
    lacky Ali
    Hace un día


  49. N. R.
    N. R.
    Hace un día

    believe it or don’t .... I don’t. The only thing this video generates are clicks.

  50. SD ꔪGAMER
    Hace un día


  51. Eric brown
    Eric brown
    Hace un día

    Damn your smart man

    Hace un día

    What song ?

  53. Bony Brancaglione
    Bony Brancaglione
    Hace un día


  54. PERK'S 8100
    PERK'S 8100
    Hace un día

    Please tell me about the power supply which is connected to TV.

  55. Bony Brancaglione
    Bony Brancaglione
    Hace un día


  56. Fadi Gharib
    Fadi Gharib
    Hace un día

    Fuel is more expensive then electricity !

    1. Fadi Gharib
      Fadi Gharib
      Hace un día

      I mean running electricity on fuel is expensive. Better put it on renewable energy, like running it on a wind propeller or water drum. That's what I was expecting at the end.

    2. Joel Dunn
      Joel Dunn
      Hace un día

      Depends on how much you buy. Electricity is made from fuel. Not the other way around

  57. Goro Udan //
    Goro Udan //
    Hace un día

    Чтобы выработать электричество нужно электричество.

  58. jean ambu
    jean ambu
    Hace un día


  59. Mahmoud Marzouk
    Mahmoud Marzouk
    Hace un día


  60. Михаил Дарий
    Михаил Дарий
    Hace un día

    Опять не рабочий брет с заработком на просмотра. Жалоба о машеничестве.

  61. Pietro Bruseghini
    Pietro Bruseghini
    Hace un día

    It's a system without feedback .it can't work with an high load .

  62. rani Wulandari
    rani Wulandari
    Hace un día


  63. hep
    Hace un día

    You turn it ? Fu¢k you.

  64. John Godfrey
    John Godfrey
    Hace un día

    Thats a load of Bollock-------------just a SCAMMER

  65. Utah Valley SxS X3 Trail Riders
    Utah Valley SxS X3 Trail Riders
    Hace un día

    Interesting 🤔

  66. Ramshiromani Yadav
    Ramshiromani Yadav
    Hace un día

    Petrol price is costlier than electric per hour. Only Venezuela may be have this option

  67. Alexsander Alexsandrovich
    Alexsander Alexsandrovich
    Hace un día

    А чем центруется ротор ... 🤔

  68. Miron G DVIR
    Miron G DVIR
    Hace un día

    safety gloves!!!!

  69. Edhiismawan Rapatulai
    Edhiismawan Rapatulai
    Hace un día


  70. Richard B
    Richard B
    Hace un día

    I like the no talking , tapping the compressor, and they most mind numbing music best , oh and the chicken in the background,

  71. M.E.I
    Hace un día

    Let the viewer listening to the original tools noises that you're using instead of this sucking background !!!

  72. TODOR Brassmonger Wenkov
    TODOR Brassmonger Wenkov
    Hace un día

    fake it doesn't even run at proper rpm. The belt is slipping because of bad bearings.

  73. Ralf Kath
    Ralf Kath
    Hace un día

    Hey, you could watch TV and have a shower everywhere! Hm, but you destroyed the fridge! You need a working compressor for this!😀

  74. Deepali Thakur
    Deepali Thakur
    Hace un día

    Fvcvnhvhhyjhgnbbbbbhbh v

  75. Gianni Flash
    Gianni Flash
    Hace un día

    u did a genwtator moved by a generator

  76. cesar pizarro
    cesar pizarro
    Hace un día


  77. Avinash A
    Avinash A
    Hace un día

    Share ur contact dtls.....need to discuss this detail for other project

  78. Jeef Dax
    Jeef Dax
    Hace un día


    Hace un día

    Muito legal 👏

  80. Deepan
    Hace un día

    അല്ലെങ്കിലും ആളെ പറ്റിക്കാൻ നിന്നെ കഴിഞ്ഞിട്ടേ ബാക്കിയുള്ളു. ഇച്ചിരി വരുന്ന മാഗ്നറ്റിക് പവർ വച്ച് മൈരാണ് നീ വർക് ചെയ്യിക്കുക

  81. Sean N
    Sean N
    Hace un día


  82. Stefan Ignat
    Stefan Ignat
    Hace un día

    This thing was made first long long time ago

  83. Salvatore Ingiulla
    Salvatore Ingiulla
    Hace un día

    Un simple générateur ça fait moins de bruit

  84. viliusstankevicius
    Hace un día

    It will work for 30 mins. Because no ball bearings. It was closed system in oil and that was the only reason why it not breaked earlier. But now it will break.

  85. sugih jaya cendana
    sugih jaya cendana
    Hace un día


  86. Shahadat Hossain
    Shahadat Hossain
    Hace un día

    So what are you thinking?? Just wash your hand and grab the remote:)

  87. nurmuhammad mamanazarov
    nurmuhammad mamanazarov
    Hace un día

    Компрессорди кийнама ифлос

  88. Kuldip Dhak
    Kuldip Dhak
    Hace un día

    Very good technology

  89. drgana mozetič
    drgana mozetič
    Hace un día


  90. antonio brito
    antonio brito
    Hace un día

    3kw em Torres de 88kv é piada

  91. Steve 2877
    Steve 2877
    Hace un día

    Are you Nicolas Tesla grandson?

  92. Donald Wickramatantri
    Donald Wickramatantri
    Hace un día


  93. Maike Rodrigues
    Maike Rodrigues
    Hace un día

    Brasil top

  94. Hipolito Bautista
    Hipolito Bautista
    Hace un día

    Gracias brother

  95. antonio brito
    antonio brito
    Hace un día

    Amigo, se o rotor ficou imantado, era para ele ficar imantado com o funcionamento do motor, para impedir q fique imantado ele é feito com placas

  96. Arailsom batista dos santos Batista dos santos
    Arailsom batista dos santos Batista dos santos
    Hace un día

    sopra então kkk

  97. Vladi Borja
    Vladi Borja
    Hace un día

    What is cold the motor machine?

    Hace un día

    its a dangerous much better you have a volt meter display gauge for monitoring of voltage output to avoid over voltage

  99. Artur Emenems
    Artur Emenems
    Hace un día

    Nothing special

  100. the hung nguyen
    the hung nguyen
    Hace un día

    Crusher man