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Relaxing zen music with water sounds. Create a peaceful ambience for spa, yoga and relaxation with this calming music from Soothing Relaxation, composed by Peder B. Helland. Listen to more relaxing music: Stream or download music from Soothing Relaxation:
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"I am a composer from Norway and I started this channel with a simple vision: to create a place that you can visit whenever you want to sit down and relax. I compose music that can be labeled as for example: sleep music, calm music, yoga music, study music, peaceful music, beautiful music and relaxing music. I love to compose music and I put a lot of work into it.
Thank you very much for listening and for leaving feedback. Every single day I am completely astonished by all your warm support and it really inspires me to work even harder on my music. If you enjoy my work, I would be very happy if you decided to subscribe and join our community. Have a wonderful day or evening!"
- Peder B. Helland, composer for Soothing Relaxation
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Music composed by Peder B. Helland.
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  1. Soothing Relaxation
    Soothing Relaxation
    Hace un año

    Thank you very much for watching this video! Today I want to share with you a version of my track "Quiet Night" with water sounds included. What do you think? I hope you like it! Have a great weekend. 😊 You can listen to more music in the playlists below! Music Mixes (no loops): Short Tracks (ideal if you want to make your own playlists): Newest Videos: Most Popular: Piano Music: Sleep Music: Piano + Water Sounds: Celtic Inspired Music: Harp Music:

    1. Cristina Lupu
      Cristina Lupu
      Hace 7 horas

      So calming 😌 ☺ 😴

    2. Cristina Lupu
      Cristina Lupu
      Hace 7 horas

      Its amazing

    3. Rylee Myers
      Rylee Myers
      Hace 2 días

      I'm only listening to this because I just watched my least favorite scary movie and now I'm freaking out but this is kind of calming

    4. Robyn Swiney
      Robyn Swiney
      Hace 3 días


    5. Jose g Urrutia
      Jose g Urrutia
      Hace 3 días

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    terence blackledge
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  4. Astro Weedy
    Astro Weedy
    Hace un hora

    Hi guys, amazing comment section. I know its selfish but I admit a little love would make me feel better

  5. Claire T Mitchell43
    Claire T Mitchell43
    Hace 3 horas

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  6. Meditation King
    Meditation King
    Hace 4 horas

    Very nice video, I’ve just started on EStitle. And every like and sub would be appriciated☺️

  7. Jeremy O'Brien
    Jeremy O'Brien
    Hace 4 horas

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  8. Jennifer Griggs
    Jennifer Griggs
    Hace 5 horas

    I've fallen asleep to this 103 times now

  9. Chris George
    Chris George
    Hace 5 horas

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    Rory Veltman
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  12. Baby sleep
    Baby sleep
    Hace 9 horas

    Have a nice day everyone

    1. Astro Weedy
      Astro Weedy
      Hace un hora

      U too man

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    Riley Reid
    Hace 9 horas

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  14. Mohammad Hoque
    Mohammad Hoque
    Hace 10 horas

    It is very peaceful I almost fell asleep when I was doing yoga 🧘‍♀️ and i really like the noise can you do more of these videos and go on my channel it’s called cookie-lane but I only did two videos then delete it so don’t mind if there’s only two

  15. Relax Daily
    Relax Daily
    Hace 11 horas

    Life is changing all the time. Many blessings and peace. 💙

  16. It’s Torigon
    It’s Torigon
    Hace 13 horas

    I cried myself to sleep cause I thought I wasn’t good enough to be living but this relaxing music helped me calm down and I hope that it works for you to

    1. Astro Weedy
      Astro Weedy
      Hace un hora

      Hey bro, listen, people who says that they think they not worth living and really mean it, are more worth living than those pretending that their lives are more precious than the others lives.. you feel me? So, trust yourself, pain is a hard teacher, but you gon get through it. Please answer this message man..:)

  17. The Dragons
    The Dragons
    Hace 14 horas

    We are hear 👂🙌🙏❤ are you all ready?

  18. Crystal Bliss Meditations
    Crystal Bliss Meditations
    Hace 14 horas

    Love this a lot! absolutely going to use this as inspo for my channel.

  19. Kaleah Mcdonald
    Kaleah Mcdonald
    Hace 14 horas

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    1. Kaleah Mcdonald
      Kaleah Mcdonald
      Hace 14 horas

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  20. Moonshine Thefox
    Moonshine Thefox
    Hace 15 horas

    Hello person that’s reading this I just gotta tell u something...No one is perfect that's why pencils have erasers. Not everyone is rich or as beautiful or popular but it matters that if u are kind...think about what u did today something that made u feel bad or sad then think about what u can do to make it better

    1. Astro Weedy
      Astro Weedy
      Hace un hora

      It's why there is eraser..damn that deep (no sarcasm)

  21. Sany Flores
    Sany Flores
    Hace 16 horas

    Fuck up to you

    1. Astro Weedy
      Astro Weedy
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      Damn man 😂

    2. Sany Flores
      Sany Flores
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    3. Sany Flores
      Sany Flores
      Hace 16 horas

      Fuck up to you

  22. C B
    C B
    Hace 17 horas

    I sleep with this

  23. Journei Karth
    Journei Karth
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    Yusuf Hamza
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  25. Reilly Grant
    Reilly Grant
    Hace 20 horas

    I love the water and this is perfect for me to relax when I am having a hard time at school so thank you so much

  26. Yobama Yobama
    Yobama Yobama
    Hace 21 un hora

    Bruh I looked up soothing noises because I just scraped my knee on a rock underwater

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    Ebenezer SAm
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    Kayleigh Mcveigh
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    1. Astro Weedy
      Astro Weedy
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      What's goin on man? We can talk if you want (I might not answer super quickly sorry)

    2. Kayleigh Mcveigh
      Kayleigh Mcveigh
      Hace 23 horas

      Pls comment

  29. Des Mallard
    Des Mallard
    Hace un día

    I'm here bc I'm tripping and wanna sleep

    1. Astro Weedy
      Astro Weedy
      Hace un hora

      Hope you slept well brother

  30. Holiday Traveller Holiday
    Holiday Traveller Holiday
    Hace un día

    Vrry nice video

  31. daisy lou
    daisy lou
    Hace un día

    whoever’s reading this, I love you. Things will eventually get better, you just have to be patient. I know it’s been a long time, but it will be over soon. Stay safe:-)

    1. Astro Weedy
      Astro Weedy
      Hace un hora

      Yeeah love! Thats great

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    Luiza Alexe
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  39. Audrie Clavette
    Audrie Clavette
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    Gerard Ligonde
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  46. Mathieu Gauvreau
    Mathieu Gauvreau
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    ty so mush now i could sleep :)

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    mr status dkl
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    🙏🏻 thnks🙏🏻

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    Lison Berghe
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    1. Lison Berghe
      Lison Berghe
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      Vraiment nécessaire.🤔

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    Maria Solange
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    Uchiha Mai
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    Why why why i was not born in a place like this

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    Relaxing Films & Sounds
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    Athena Gonzo
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    Nobody: Me: just trying to get my baby sister to sleep Edit: how did I get this many likes :0

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    Christine Botelho
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    soothing and relaxing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Trillix _
    Hace 2 días

    I want to swim in it too it is soo beautiful

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    Hanna Mioducka
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    Mam to w dupie co kto myśli!! Ale ten utwór dziala!; pozdrawiam

  65. Rayne Roper
    Rayne Roper
    Hace 2 días

    My dad would usually turn off the internet before bed but he left it on so I could get a good nighst sleep im happy 😌

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    Jenny Phang
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    Jackzon Playz
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    Yasuoo God
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  71. Soothing Relaxation Meditation Spa Sleep Music
    Soothing Relaxation Meditation Spa Sleep Music
    Hace 2 días

    Bless you. whoever is reading this. ♥

  72. Antonia Navarrete
    Antonia Navarrete
    Hace 2 días

    👁👄👁this makes me sleep good

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    Cru-x Gaming
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    I come here for the comments...

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  80. An Avid Writer
    An Avid Writer
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    This is my go-to work music for when I am freelancing, so I've listened to the entire thing probably 50 times now.

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  97. RELAXING - 편안해지는 음악
    RELAXING - 편안해지는 음악
    Hace 3 días

    when i was a trainee,i played on my audition. and my friend said " play this on my funeral,youre to talented. this is my one and only wish". and she is found dead on her home today. i will play this on funeral now. rest in peace, my precious friend.

  98. Alex Jones
    Alex Jones
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