The Smallest Parrot you have ever seen - Tiny egg rescue

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I found a tiny budgie egg at a pet shop. If I could incubate it, would I be able to raise it? With these big human hands? It's mother had just been sold. This meant the egg would have no chance without me giving it a try.
Last saturday we had some music technicalities to solve. Sorry if you have been waiting on the video. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did making it :)
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  1. Coral Truman
    Coral Truman
    Hace 3 minutos

    You are by far the king of all bird kind x

  2. Lol Lol
    Lol Lol
    Hace 32 minutos

    that lil piggy just goblin up

  3. Curtis Geiger
    Curtis Geiger
    Hace 58 minutos

    The baby is so cute

  4. Vandana Mishra
    Vandana Mishra
    Hace un hora

    Soo sweet 😍👍👍

  5. Chris Vlaki
    Chris Vlaki
    Hace un hora

    First was the egg clean und after at the end very dirty?

  6. salman sallu
    salman sallu
    Hace un hora

    I'm really impressed its soo cute it made me feel like this is reason of kindness really hands off

  7. pokemon house
    pokemon house
    Hace un hora

    I found an a parking lot... and I am incubating it...

  8. Faiza Shareef
    Faiza Shareef
    Hace un hora

    Who is this guy

  9. הילי גליציאנו
    הילי גליציאנו
    Hace 2 horas

    כזה מתוק

  10. J Mitchell
    J Mitchell
    Hace 2 horas

    That is awesome

  11. Finn's Fun Video
    Finn's Fun Video
    Hace 3 horas


  12. Bhanushree S
    Bhanushree S
    Hace 3 horas

    In this selfish world you r saving birds and animals means that you r a kind hearted person Please do not stop saving birds and animals

  13. Alka Chaudhary
    Alka Chaudhary
    Hace 4 horas

    What a nobel act. You are the mother

  14. messi lona
    messi lona
    Hace 4 horas

    Man : kissed the baby parrot . Baby parrot : u bearded kindest saviour.

  15. Arty Smarty
    Arty Smarty
    Hace 4 horas

    Hert touching video ❣️

  16. Bhanushree S
    Bhanushree S
    Hace 4 horas

    I wonder that how many animals ànd birds you have been saving But I think u are doing a good job 🙃🙃

  17. Thit Sar Lin Latt
    Thit Sar Lin Latt
    Hace 5 horas


  18. Thit Sar Lin Latt
    Thit Sar Lin Latt
    Hace 5 horas

    I want pet the parront😍😍😍socute

  19. chills YT
    chills YT
    Hace 5 horas


  20. Study With Manas Tripathi
    Study With Manas Tripathi
    Hace 6 horas

    Bahut acha video.... Maja aa gya mere bchche ko dekh kr

  21. Abdullah Al Hasan
    Abdullah Al Hasan
    Hace 6 horas

    💞💞💞💞 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😊😊

  22. Abdullah Al Hasan
    Abdullah Al Hasan
    Hace 6 horas

    So nice

  23. Abdullah Al Hasan
    Abdullah Al Hasan
    Hace 6 horas

    So kute full bird

  24. Raquel Rock
    Raquel Rock
    Hace 7 horas

    the whole time during feeding, i just kept imagining different tiny feeding chairs i could design out of clay!

  25. Rekha Sharma
    Rekha Sharma
    Hace 7 horas

    Who disliked this video they are heartless. I really Hate them who disliked this video.

  26. Poodl Puff
    Poodl Puff
    Hace 8 horas


  27. KY Lue
    KY Lue
    Hace 8 horas

    did you feed it with milk?

  28. Ashutosh Sharma
    Ashutosh Sharma
    Hace 9 horas

    Sir I think u r one of the most kindful man in the world

  29. Jeremiah Monroe
    Jeremiah Monroe
    Hace 9 horas

    SO CUTE🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😇😇😇😇😇😇😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  30. Dhvani Kaul
    Dhvani Kaul
    Hace 9 horas

    Cool 😎

  31. Harshini Goonasekera
    Harshini Goonasekera
    Hace 9 horas

    So cute

  32. Darth1Marik
    Hace 10 horas

    This is absolutely amazing! Not only did he save the egg and give it a chance at life and it grew up he went and bought the father to keep the family together. I cannot put into words how incredible this is to think there are some people out there as kind hearted as this man.

  33. ChelynTheCookie - Minecraft
    ChelynTheCookie - Minecraft
    Hace 10 horas

    7:47 yo did that chair just move or is it just me 😳😳😳😳😳

  34. Likhith gaming and guns
    Likhith gaming and guns
    Hace 10 horas

    Heart from India

    Hace 10 horas

    R u great.... Sir

  36. Renata Acosta Robles
    Renata Acosta Robles
    Hace 11 horas

    adorable que bien que usted alla cuidado de el pajarito o loro💗😘👧🏻

  37. brick head 77
    brick head 77
    Hace 11 horas

    This is magical i have never seen a chik this small👍👍👍👍

  38. Gül Çem
    Gül Çem
    Hace 12 horas

    The man is handsome 😍

  39. Trinidad Maldonado
    Trinidad Maldonado
    Hace 13 horas

    Yo quisiera tener un loro como tu

  40. Jessica Carter
    Jessica Carter
    Hace 13 horas

    Omg this is soooooo beautiful!!!

  41. Red
    Hace 14 horas

    Best soundtrack in a EStitle video ever!

  42. pokemon house
    pokemon house
    Hace 16 horas


  43. pokemon house
    pokemon house
    Hace 16 horas

    I found a small bird egg in a parking lot...

  44. Debora Torres
    Debora Torres
    Hace 16 horas


  45. Nya kitty Ú//w//Ù
    Nya kitty Ú//w//Ù
    Hace 16 horas

    😛who have this amoji

  46. Maria Moreno
    Maria Moreno
    Hace 16 horas

    I enjoy all your videos. Definitely a Pro-life person to animals, this makes me think how us humans cant takere not just our babies but also animal babies. Humans are here to take care of life not killing. Thanks.

  47. sydneypied
    Hace 16 horas

    Egg looked like a dud when put in the match box and the baby is female and the dad changed mutation interesting 🤔

  48. Samantha Oviedo
    Samantha Oviedo
    Hace 17 horas


  49. Vero Figueroa
    Vero Figueroa
    Hace 17 horas

    Awwwww I’m gonna cry 😭

  50. SimplyxPiggy
    Hace 17 horas

    Men: The smallest parakeet egg ever 30 million people: intresting 🤔

  51. bojesphob
    Hace 17 horas

    Sweeeet 🥰

  52. Abdalla Marwan
    Abdalla Marwan
    Hace 18 horas


  53. Waleed Arfeen
    Waleed Arfeen
    Hace 18 horas

    The egg was neat and clean when he brought at home, while hatching egg it was dirty with poop. My question is HOW?

  54. Cash Money
    Cash Money
    Hace 19 horas

    He is a very good person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Samaira Qures
    Samaira Qures
    Hace 19 horas

    Look dude i just wanna say that whatever vids you make that makes my day they are very thouhtful

  56. Piss Stream
    Piss Stream
    Hace 19 horas

    boiled egg

  57. Jane Albery
    Jane Albery
    Hace 19 horas

    Wow he got a free pet at the pet store! 😯

  58. Swaliha.k 65
    Swaliha.k 65
    Hace 21 un hora

    Really amazing..

  59. Lola Hey
    Lola Hey
    Hace 21 un hora


    1. Lola Hey
      Lola Hey
      Hace 21 un hora

      How could owner sold the female bird... No way she couldn't saw the egg...

  60. Riyyan Tahir
    Riyyan Tahir
    Hace 21 un hora


  61. Stefan Vučković
    Stefan Vučković
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  62. Stefan Vučković
    Stefan Vučković
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    Samuel Jordan
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  64. Lino IbarraOLA
    Lino IbarraOLA
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  65. Zz
    Hace 22 horas

    This is so inspiring 🧡💙 this brought tears to my eyes your very kind thank you for taking of the bird

  66. Serena Ditta
    Serena Ditta
    Hace 23 horas

    So sweet🐥🐥

  67. Chxrry Blxssom
    Chxrry Blxssom
    Hace 23 horas

    He looks so cute when he got feathers the dislikes are from heartless ppl

  68. Asia Qureshi
    Asia Qureshi
    Hace un día

    So cute 😘

  69. alpha
    Hace un día

    I'm pretty sure 15k dislike is from their eyes blurry with tears, and they missclicked it.

  70. Kenza Fdouli
    Kenza Fdouli
    Hace un día

    cute baby poor mom didn't see her own baby

  71. Sicultan Ion
    Sicultan Ion
    Hace un día

    J joi no bip pumnului e c c c c e cinetica cleme poziția pal papal un blugii Phil o populi chico ohьлорарш из шш

  72. Meditation Tool
    Meditation Tool
    Hace un día

    Just can't explain how happy I am🇳🇵

  73. Sunshine
    Hace un día

    It's amazing how creating a life ❤️

  74. Rajinder Kaur
    Rajinder Kaur
    Hace un día

    That’s so amazing!!! 🙏😊

  75. Tasmin Jewel Jerin
    Tasmin Jewel Jerin
    Hace un día

    I like birds very much..... But I can't feed them . And I love Makaou 🐦

  76. Qadeer Ahmad Dogar
    Qadeer Ahmad Dogar
    Hace un día

    you are a very busy man you have a lot of pets and you needn to feed them every day

  77. B R
    B R
    Hace un día

    So heartless that the store owner broke up a mated pair like that. But the man in this video is a gem. Thank you for being so kind.

  78. Rajesh Yannam
    Rajesh Yannam
    Hace un día

    Which feed he used....i mean that liquid....

  79. Anne Heywood
    Anne Heywood
    Hace un día

    So cute

  80. Barsha Deb
    Barsha Deb
    Hace un día

    I am very impressed

  81. iqra khan
    iqra khan
    Hace un día

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  82. Jeane Weiß
    Jeane Weiß
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    Hace un día

    So cute ☺️🥰 you are so lucky to have like this 🦜🦜

  84. shibu mishra
    shibu mishra
    Hace un día

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  85. Suguna Teja
    Suguna Teja
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  86. Santosh Gurung
    Santosh Gurung
    Hace un día

    I am proud of you you give a life him 💖💖😢

  87. Randy Davis
    Randy Davis
    Hace un día

    I don't think I've ever seen a parakeet all white before. Very cool!

  88. anushka agrawal
    anushka agrawal
    Hace un día

    I am really impressed. The video showcased the beauty and inner self emotions. 🍎🍎🍎

  89. Robin Ferdinandsen
    Robin Ferdinandsen
    Hace un día

    I dunno if you know but the tiny yellow rubber tubes used for bicycle valves are 100% natural rubber and is great for handrearing birds this small. And if they chew off a little bit it desolves naturally and without hurting them. That and a plastic syringe makes it a lot easier to track how much they eat in a feeding. Also makes it a lot less messy to feed when they grow a bit 😊

  90. Reptile Channle
    Reptile Channle
    Hace un día

    So cute

  91. Ali Wazeed
    Ali Wazeed
    Hace un día

    Seriously... u done a grate job... I know its need lots of efforts... grate...

  92. pradeep Kumar
    pradeep Kumar
    Hace un día

    Very nice sir video

  93. dinesh dixit
    dinesh dixit
    Hace un día

    Hats off to you sir And your kind efforts

  94. Manuela Rodríguez Montoya
    Manuela Rodríguez Montoya
    Hace un día

    tu hiciste lo que muchas personas no harian

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    Donna Jane Dumanig-Canoy
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    little kings
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  98. weird things on in my life and other things
    weird things on in my life and other things
    Hace un día

    Tears of happiness

  99. Ashraf Azeem
    Ashraf Azeem
    Hace un día

    This warms my heart 💞😀

  100. I gamer a lot
    I gamer a lot
    Hace un día

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