Warmest Tent on Earth - Pitching in the Siberian Arctic Winter - Ненецкая палатка чум

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The Nenet reindeer herders need to move their tent every few days throughout most of the year. Every time they migrate they must pack the whole tent away, drag it across the tundra on sledges, and erect it again in a fresh place, sometimes in temperatures of minus thirty degrees. Survival depends on working together as a team.
After staying in the wooded taiga for two months they start to migrate north following the ancient paths of migrating reindeer (caribou). In four months they will travel up to 1200km and must pack and move every three to five days to keep up with their herd. They must reach their summer quarters before the snows melt and flood great rivers with icy waters too cold and deep for the calves, born along the way, to cross.
Behind the tent an invisible line extends out into the tundra. It is called the sawei line, and a woman cannot cross it. It will bring bad luck to the tent. It was hard for them to explain exactly why, it is much stronger than a superstition and is connected to the spirit pole that stands at the back of the tent. This pole is sacred and a woman cannot cross underneath it either, and only a shaman may sit in this holy place. The origins of this are a little lost, there may be practical reasons, for example the back of the tent is traditionally where the men work, often together, so they have to be able to move about freely, but there are often two families in a single tent, so maybe one day the women just agreed territories to stop tripping over each other. Maybe it has such a mundane origin, or maybe there are real spirits that come up to the tent from behind and would bring harm to any women caught in the wrong place. If several tents pitch together, their lines must not cross either, so they tend to camp in a straight line to avoid this.
In answer to the many questions - on personal hygiene, everyone washes using a bowl of soap and hot water, just like most of our grandparents did before everyone had pipes and taps. There is no toilet in the tent as some have suggested, they find a spot a few hundred metres away. They are not pitching on a lake but a small mound where the snow blows a little thinner, Gas companies have been in the area and gave away snowmobiles as part of land access negotiations. Also sometimes there are competitions with them as prizes, sometimes they sell a load of reindeer and buy one. Most families now have at least one but the reindeer are still used a lot. Yes, they use a sled to go to town, or trading posts to buy groceries.

I wanted to catch the entire process, but have edited it down a little from the 40-45 minutes it takes to get from the open snows to a warm cosy home.
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  1. Samina Zakia
    Samina Zakia
    Hace 33 minutos

    Its such a beautiful reality. While sitting in my comfortable bed I am watching this. Life,with us is full of stess competition pressure and look at them, they are simple hard working and satisfied. Amazing

  2. Asih Ajah
    Asih Ajah
    Hace un hora

    Indonesia hadir

  3. Al
    Hace un hora

    Is this a good tent to get for someone just getting into camping?

  4. bradley rogers
    bradley rogers
    Hace 3 horas

    Every four days????????????

  5. saugf cfst
    saugf cfst
    Hace 4 horas

    Life is a continuous freezing torture.

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  7. dojufitz
    Hace 6 horas

    I love the doggies.... damn! Just get that thing up so we can snuggle next to the heat.... we are in the middle of NO WHERE HERE!

  8. Kahanis - Golden Bytes
    Kahanis - Golden Bytes
    Hace 7 horas

    It was sheer delight watching it ! Amazing to see how they go about their work - it seems all very clear in their minds what needs to be done next. I did wonder what are compelling needs which make them change/move every 4 days. Thanks for the clip !

    1. Nomad Architecture
      Nomad Architecture
      Hace 36 minutos

      They are migrating with their herds. If you take a look at my first video on the channel page you will see a bit more of the background.

  9. Primitive OL
    Primitive OL
    Hace 8 horas

    Wow, your video is very good, I like it, I already clicked for you

  10. MisGuided Me
    MisGuided Me
    Hace 10 horas

    They look like very busy little penguins just scurrying around to complete their mission

  11. Adama Koroma
    Adama Koroma
    Hace 11 horas

    So precise truly incredible to watch but too much work moving every 4days. Not happening.

  12. abdul sijad
    abdul sijad
    Hace 11 horas

    Sod that...freezing cold and no pizza or internet

  13. Debra Ragoonanan
    Debra Ragoonanan
    Hace 12 horas

    Beautiful life but , don't think I could do it

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  15. Tracy Perry
    Tracy Perry
    Hace 12 horas

    🙏🏼May God Bless you all❣️❤️🙏🏼❤️❣️I can’t believe you must move every four days‼️‼️‼️ How in the “you know what” do you spend all day on the tundra with your tiny little ones??? We can’t get ours to sit still love enough to eat their dinner‼️‼️‼️🥴 You are all soooo very, very brave & you work soooo hard just to sustain yourselves in your extreme climate, I don’t know how you do it, after an entire day on the tundra I’d probably collapse & be broken & unable to get up lol❣️🙏🏼You have my full wholehearted admiration & respect❣️❤️🙏🏼❤️❣️ Peace, Health & a bountiful season I wish you all❣️❤️🙏🏼❤️❣️🥰🥰🥰Incredible people you are❣️❣️❣️(I absolutely LOVE that you bring your dogs ❤️🐾❤️in to your homes)🥰🐾🥰🐾🥰🐾🥰🐾🥰

  16. Marilyn Keller
    Marilyn Keller
    Hace 13 horas

    I found MySelf leaning into the “heave ho” with them!this is the most intensely beautiful example of Human cooperation and symbiosis I have ever witnessed. Thank You for this video chronicle. I hope and pray it becomes part of Historical archives.👊🏾🙏🏾☝🏾❤️😇

  17. T St
    T St
    Hace 13 horas

    It’s like going back in time to a simpler but more physically challenging life. They have their lives and I have mine. I am happy with my life and they seem happy with theirs.

  18. A Hall
    A Hall
    Hace 13 horas

    How are the still able to have sexual relations with their spouses?

  19. Elly Arinne
    Elly Arinne
    Hace 13 horas

    Os humanos da era do gelo😍

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  22. Cherchez la famme
    Cherchez la famme
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  23. Jay ED
    Jay ED
    Hace 15 horas

    these are the people who will inherit the earth if civilization ever collapses

  24. Camilo Rojas
    Camilo Rojas
    Hace 17 horas

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  25. Donna C
    Donna C
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  26. Calvin Sylveste
    Calvin Sylveste
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    Stefan Baiatu Fany
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    Ahmad Shobih Ubaidillah
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  30. TheBossIG
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    Super Rainmaker
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    Сергей Пархом
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    Сергей Пархом
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    1. Cherchez la famme
      Cherchez la famme
      Hace 15 horas

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    Hrvoje Koši
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    Dan Crandall
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    Walid Soroor
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    Yocabec Corrales
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  47. Lars Pardo
    Lars Pardo
    Hace un día

    very interesting - thank you. The teepee of the American Plains Indians had an inside liner that went all the way to the ground & came up perhaps 1/3 or 1/2 way up the poles. The outside skins came down to within a foot of the ground....thus the gap between the inside & outside skins created a Bernouli Effect & drew the smoke from the inside fire up to exit out the top. In addition, the inside liner made it difficult to see shadows within the teepee thus preventing being shot from the outside. I don't think you could see too many shadow thru the skins but that was the theory. The same 3 "foundation" poles are used against which all the other poles are placed. Thanks again...

  48. Dear Ace
    Dear Ace
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    Danish Khan
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  50. Deacons Jamaica.
    Deacons Jamaica.
    Hace un día

    To them, this is normal. It is the only life they likely know. It would take some practice, getting used to moving every day, and setting up camp each night,or evening, but I could learn to live like this.

  51. Jody Ross
    Jody Ross
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    Jody Ross
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  54. Me Myself
    Me Myself
    Hace un día

    The two families scenario isn't the problem; the problem is the work involved, from cutting trees and taking animals and processing the hides, to hoisting all that weight up the poles. Surely these must be the most free people in the world, and must have fled some terrible situation from wherever they originated. Hopefully the United Nations Building Codes will never apply to these people like they do to us.

  55. Наша Природа / Nature Relaxing Sounds
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  56. Bluesmurf
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    What you may, or not realise, is that these Siberian nomads crossed the bering strait and became the 1st nations people of the United States and Canada, and South America before the Europeans arrived and slaughtered them and took over. The Red Indians originated in Siberia.

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      Raymond Ashby
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    Brian Visser
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    Brenda Lawrence
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      Fleur Robert
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      Thank you In geometry, a 3 sided figure (triangle) is stronger than any other shape - and the 3 pole construction seems also to interlock at top - shows what happens in reality can be very different from theory Appreciate your response as well as the video

    2. Nomad Architecture
      Nomad Architecture
      Hace 2 días

      It all locks together at the top - try pushing your hands together with straight fingers alternating.

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