WARNING LIVE FEEDING!! African bullfrog vs. Huntsman spider

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African bullfrog vs. Huntsman spider

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  1. Lofu Wants Ramen
    Lofu Wants Ramen
    Hace 48 segundos

    From now on, instead of rock paper scissors I am gonna play frog spider human

  2. Le Féline
    Le Féline
    Hace 55 segundos

    Si renaciera como rana preferiria morir de hambre la verdad

  3. ellis white
    ellis white
    Hace un minuto

    I love frogs now

  4. Lun'
    Hace 2 minutos

    Спасибо рекомендациям ютуба, да.

  5. Dylovski The Fox
    Dylovski The Fox
    Hace 3 minutos

    Frog do be just chillin

  6. Virginia Curtis
    Virginia Curtis
    Hace 3 minutos

    That frog tore up the spider

  7. ChaoticRam3n
    Hace 4 minutos

    Spider: “I need to get tf outta here!” Frog: vibing

  8. Phantom Z
    Phantom Z
    Hace 4 minutos

    Epic soundtrack

  9. Damien Perrow
    Damien Perrow
    Hace 4 minutos

    Just the comments alone!!!

  10. silverwolfzs
    Hace 4 minutos

    *Me after watching this video:* 🤢

  11. Mark Dermody
    Mark Dermody
    Hace 4 minutos

    Looks like the frog had a pair of whiskers near the end when the last 2 legs of the spider stuck out of its mouth! It was as if the spider kept saying to the last, I am not going to make lunch an easy thing for you to digest!

  12. silverwolfzs
    Hace 5 minutos

    *POV: your looking for a comment of someone being creeped out of their mind*

  13. Torment
    Hace 5 minutos

    The amount of “and i took that personally” comments

  14. METLA45:- G-AFIX GD
    Hace 7 minutos

    Me: who said we were scared by spiders Spider: HELLLLPPPPPPP Frog: yum

  15. João Nunes
    João Nunes
    Hace 7 minutos

    The spider is being bullied lmao

  16. Pizzagui2 Pizza
    Pizzagui2 Pizza
    Hace 8 minutos

    Damn that spider had a bad time

  17. Ant jr smile for me999 Aj
    Ant jr smile for me999 Aj
    Hace 9 minutos

    The frog really ate his whole leg damn

  18. Wild_ Wolf1314
    Wild_ Wolf1314
    Hace 9 minutos

    It would be weird if we can here nature and probably we be saying damn nature you scary 😂😂😂😂

  19. Manasi Alavani
    Manasi Alavani
    Hace 9 minutos

    This one's the video, that no one searched for but got recommended.

  20. Dr.Riff M.D.
    Dr.Riff M.D.
    Hace 10 minutos


  21. Rommuel Moraleta
    Rommuel Moraleta
    Hace 11 minutos

    Spider : I just keep walking around you! My enemy Frog : Hold my beer (munch, munch). Spider: Keeps walking and looking to the frog. Frog : Stop! I'm confused, let me finish you one by one ( ur legs) irritated ~~ Spider proceeds.... (Teasing) Frog: I'm ending this spider life ,I'm still hungry Sad ending to spider :(

  22. Jel Kuro
    Jel Kuro
    Hace 13 minutos

    Spider: "I have eight legs" Frog: "say what now?"

  23. Cathy Mendoza
    Cathy Mendoza
    Hace 15 minutos

    This music reminds me of the old timey music they played in grocery stores while you were shopping. How appropriate.

  24. Igor F
    Igor F
    Hace 15 minutos

    Sorry , but thesis look like sadistic for spider.

  25. SenpaiGaming101
    Hace 17 minutos

    6:00 looks like the frog has a mustache and he's just trying to groom it

  26. mikejvasquez76
    Hace 18 minutos


  27. Trashmin
    Hace 19 minutos

    BBC earth: uses sharp/orchestral music to interpret Animal Instincts. This Guy: *Jolly Music*

  28. ElYisusKing
    Hace 20 minutos

    No linking park? 0/10

  29. hoozukim
    Hace 20 minutos

    i feel bad for the spider😢but frog so cute

  30. Nakota Moorehead
    Nakota Moorehead
    Hace 21 un minuto

    Seeing the frog take the first leg in slow motion looked like something from an andaconda movie

  31. Кеко Кириешка
    Кеко Кириешка
    Hace 21 un minuto

    Арахнофобы покинули чат.

  32. angery cat
    angery cat
    Hace 22 minutos

    huntsman spider? more like got-played-like-a-fuckin-fiddle spider

  33. ZDuskii
    Hace 24 minutos

    Ive never felt so bad for a spider in my whole life. 😂😟

  34. Cj
    Hace 25 minutos

    Roommate: why are you crying Me: the frog challenged me to a staring contest

  35. Piratezinhum
    Hace 25 minutos

    What we learned today: 1. EStitle's recommendation is weird 2. DON'T MESS WITH AFRICAN FROG

  36. Francesco O'Brien
    Francesco O'Brien
    Hace 25 minutos

    Sapo truco 🤑😎

  37. HECKLER Computers
    HECKLER Computers
    Hace 27 minutos

    Oh goody! The live action version of the Fight with Muffet from Undertale! (Or the Sans fight. XD)

  38. Glittering Sunshine
    Glittering Sunshine
    Hace 27 minutos

    06:00 Frog: Look, I have fangs. He-he. I'm such a monster. I'm such a Wild Thing.

  39. Xsnap Xrack
    Xsnap Xrack
    Hace 27 minutos

    That second bite near 2:36 that other leg gave him adrenaline u seen his eyes after that bite

  40. Banana Man
    Banana Man
    Hace 28 minutos

    Huntsman spider getting brutally murdered in the background: **Happy music**

  41. Mark Allen
    Mark Allen
    Hace 28 minutos

    Food doesn't come any fresher than that

    1. silverwolfzs
      Hace 7 minutos


  42. ShukoDaCursed
    Hace 28 minutos

    Kermit da frog on action damn

  43. Jared Macabale
    Jared Macabale
    Hace 29 minutos

    Heartbroken but natural. Could use some Attack on Titan ost

  44. Lexie Johnson
    Lexie Johnson
    Hace 30 minutos

    Frogs are so cute. Thank you frog for eating that terrifying creature and getting it off my screen 😂

  45. Lego to the MAX
    Lego to the MAX
    Hace 31 un minuto

    Damn that frog is a savage 😂

  46. Sifat Guai
    Sifat Guai
    Hace 31 un minuto

    Why is this in my recommendation this is disturbing

  47. Kai Nalu
    Kai Nalu
    Hace 32 minutos

    Try throw the bull frog with piranha lol

  48. Cherry Bombin’
    Cherry Bombin’
    Hace 33 minutos

    The frog did all that just so it could have a mustache

  49. DiNg DoNg
    DiNg DoNg
    Hace 33 minutos

    Why did I click this video IM FVCKING ARACHNOPHOBIC

  50. Biggs Butts
    Biggs Butts
    Hace 35 minutos

    This is not how I remember Charlotte’s Web???

  51. Taishan Lai
    Taishan Lai
    Hace 35 minutos

    Me: Ah, just got my new prosthetic legs, thank you doctor! (Card declines) The doctor: 3:58

  52. Pur Pur Lovia
    Pur Pur Lovia
    Hace 35 minutos

    OMG how long this frog try katch this spider T-T

  53. RED11RUS
    Hace 36 minutos

    If you play this video muted, with a doom soundtrack in the background....that will be still cruel...

  54. Darth meliodas
    Darth meliodas
    Hace 36 minutos

    "Spider" dont try it frog I have the high ground! "Frog eats leg" you underestimate my jumps!

  55. Max Delaselle
    Max Delaselle
    Hace 37 minutos

    3 legs Spider : Tries to escape death mass murdering frog : "So you have chosen death !"

  56. Cleaner Details LLC
    Cleaner Details LLC
    Hace 38 minutos

    He turned that spider into 💩. Biggest insult ever

  57. Trashy CJ!!
    Trashy CJ!!
    Hace 38 minutos

    That frog gave the spider a chance to fuck off yet the spider wanted smoke. Now the sucker losing a leg one by one.🤷🏾‍♀️ ........ While typing this I realized that even if the spider tried to leave, whoever recording would put his ass right back in, death was the only option for that spider. Rip🤦🏾‍♀️

  58. TeKodiac
    Hace 39 minutos

    Spider: so I met this frog and he turned me into an insect, then an animal, then a human, then some no legged handicap creature

  59. WarpedGaming
    Hace 39 minutos

    that spiders BA gotta say

  60. Joseph Alvarez
    Joseph Alvarez
    Hace 41 un minuto

    Now let's feed the frog to something else :) circle of life :)

  61. lєησν.єχє YouTube
    lєησν.єχє YouTube
    Hace 42 minutos

    At the end he was eaten 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  62. Lungo Scrungo
    Lungo Scrungo
    Hace 42 minutos

    I laughed when the spider was scrambling around with only two legs

  63. Taishan Lai
    Taishan Lai
    Hace 43 minutos

    6:12 mustache frog

  64. Roah Nosh
    Roah Nosh
    Hace 43 minutos

    *Spider breathes* *Frog* : so you choose death

  65. Mj Steelers Nation
    Mj Steelers Nation
    Hace 43 minutos

    A little appetizer before the entree

  66. lєησν.єχє YouTube
    lєησν.єχє YouTube
    Hace 43 minutos

    They're not scary.

  67. lєησν.єχє YouTube
    lєησν.єχє YouTube
    Hace 44 minutos

    I love spider

  68. lєησν.єχє YouTube
    lєησν.єχє YouTube
    Hace 44 minutos

    Poor Spider

  69. Dont Ask 2.0
    Dont Ask 2.0
    Hace 48 minutos

    Im questioning if it can be considered an arachnid after losing a ton of legs

  70. Edward Reyes
    Edward Reyes
    Hace 48 minutos

    *spider getting brutally dismembered* Music: dum de dum dumdum de dum

  71. Levi 428
    Levi 428
    Hace 48 minutos

    my mans just went BLAP and ate them

  72. Vincent Vega
    Vincent Vega
    Hace 49 minutos

    Spider: "Allright lets call it a draw".

  73. Candid Gamer
    Candid Gamer
    Hace 50 minutos

    When you can piss and shit venom after digestion. Sounds great!

  74. Mr. & Mrs. Ishida
    Mr. & Mrs. Ishida
    Hace 50 minutos

    It’s even scary when a frog is not moving at all but surely aiming to eat...

  75. Cydervann Tesorero
    Cydervann Tesorero
    Hace 50 minutos

    6:04 El Frago

  76. Adam Wrocław
    Adam Wrocław
    Hace 52 minutos


  77. Nicholas M.
    Nicholas M.
    Hace 53 minutos

    I guess the ultimate flex is having your enemies' remaining legs hanging out of your mouth like toothpicks while they're being digested.

  78. catherine theresa
    catherine theresa
    Hace 54 minutos

    Frog:Yummy😄Tasty Viewers :Oh no😣

  79. Pedro el papuh
    Pedro el papuh
    Hace 55 minutos


    Hace 55 minutos

    This makes me think of Monty Python Holy Grail lol it’s only a flesh wound! Have at you!!! Lol

  81. Livvy Grossmann
    Livvy Grossmann
    Hace 55 minutos

    Me who hates spiders with a passion: WOOOO GO FROG!!!

  82. BEARY Channel!
    BEARY Channel!
    Hace 56 minutos

    Omg he eated him

  83. Jonathan Huang
    Jonathan Huang
    Hace 56 minutos

    African bullfrog: I keep moving forward until my enemies are destroyed.

  84. PghAquaman
    Hace 57 minutos

    I like the dinner music.

  85. BEARY Channel!
    BEARY Channel!
    Hace 57 minutos


  86. korkorbyn
    Hace 58 minutos

    Got recommended to see what happen

  87. Arturo Castro
    Arturo Castro
    Hace 58 minutos

    The frog looks smiling

  88. BEARY Channel!
    BEARY Channel!
    Hace 58 minutos

    I love frogs 🐸

  89. ᴄᴀᴄᴛxs •
    ᴄᴀᴄᴛxs •
    Hace 59 minutos

    It gives me chills from the spider's point of view

  90. Crim Son
    Crim Son
    Hace 59 minutos

    The first time the frog tried to eat the spider I thought he swallowed it whole

  91. Sandi Palazzo
    Sandi Palazzo
    Hace 59 minutos

    Tell me some of you surely remember the Monty Python scene from The Holy Grail.

  92. Asia Boggess
    Asia Boggess
    Hace 59 minutos

    Why is this In my recommends

  93. Ro X aS
    Ro X aS
    Hace 59 minutos

    it's funny how I would be shitting my pants if I saw that big ass spider while I would take the froggy and pat it. but in reality, the froggy is higher in the predator hierarchy.

  94. RedzRed
    Hace 59 minutos

    He turned a whole spider into an insect

  95. SilencedTruth
    Hace un hora

    I'm now starting to consider adopting a frog for my spider infestation.

  96. Román González Adrián Mauricio
    Román González Adrián Mauricio
    Hace un hora

    I wanted a frog or a Spider as a pet but is to wild for me. I dont think is right to give living Prays to your pet, is not Fair to the Spider.

  97. ᴄᴀᴄᴛxs •
    ᴄᴀᴄᴛxs •
    Hace un hora

    If I saw either of them near me in range of 1mile, I'll freak out honestly

  98. Kirk Adlam
    Kirk Adlam
    Hace un hora

    RIP spider

  99. Unknown Snakeu
    Unknown Snakeu
    Hace un hora

    I dont like spiders at all, but that was cruel.

  100. George The Red Engine
    George The Red Engine
    Hace un hora

    This is why I will never ever go to Australia