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Wildlife Takeover: How Animals Reclaimed Chernobyl | Wildlife Documentary
Where humans move out, wildlife moves in…
What would happen if the world were suddenly without people - if humans vanished off the face of the earth? How would nature react - and how swiftly?
On the edge of Europe, a deserted location reveals the surprising answer. An abandoned village can change in a very short time into a sanctuary for plants, birds and animals. Shy and rare species, some thought to be on the brink of extinction are found in robust good health.
This is Chernobyl, deserted by people after the worst nuclear disaster in history and now reclaimed by a remarkable collection of wildlife and the descendents of pets that were left in the city when the people went away.
This film unmasks the surprising faces of the new inhabitants. In houses where people once lived and laughed, unexpected wildlife is making itself at home. The adventures of a likeable cast of non-human characters give viewers a rare glimpse into an alternative world. Here wild animals face challenges in an environment totally outside their experience, while once-domestic species must rediscover their wild natures within.
Where is this place of abandonment and sanctuary? The location is well known and draws a cloud of uncertainty over the future for these animal characters.

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  1. Free Documentary - Nature
    Free Documentary - Nature
    Hace 3 meses

    Where humans move out, wildlife moves in. On the edge of Europe, a deserted location reveals the answer. An abandoned village can change in a very short time into a sanctuary for plants, birds and animals. Shy and rare species, some thought to be on the brink of extinction are found in robust good health. This is Chernobyl, deserted by people after the worst nuclear disaster in history and now reclaimed by a remarkable collection of wildlife and the descendants of pets that were left behind This film unmasks the surprising faces of the new inhabitants. In houses here people once lived and laughed, left behind treasures of their childhood, unexpected wildlife is making itself a home. It's quite unimaginable what it means to have to flee and leave everything behind. A quantum of solace: the adventures of a rather adorable cast of non-human characters give viewers a rare glimpse into an alternative world. It's cute and creepy at the same time, probably because we know why these animals are here. Anyways, enjoy!

    1. KGBz
      Hace 8 días

      One in Ten thousand will figure out the covid like Propoganda used at chernobyl. 🤣

    2. Ирина Усаченко
      Ирина Усаченко
      Hace 16 días

      @Андрей Березин totally agree. Actually, in Ukraine there’s a geographic center of Europe. How come it’s the edge? But the documentary is awesome.

    3. Nicky75
      Hace 20 días

      @Curtis Fitts sounds pretty good to me! are animals wrecking the planet??

    4. Issac Gandero
      Issac Gandero
      Hace 21 un día

      Y’all really lit a kitten filled barn on fire

    5. RON H
      RON H
      Hace un mes

      Great story telling.

  2. Malcolm Allerton
    Malcolm Allerton
    Hace 4 horas

    Nice documentary thank you

  3. Anton Clark
    Anton Clark
    Hace 5 horas

    Probably not the most contaminated... Bikini Atoll and the Marshall Islands are far worse.

  4. stacy frazierbauer
    stacy frazierbauer
    Hace 7 horas

    That cat is so fluffy and cute!

  5. D Flatt
    D Flatt
    Hace 11 horas

    15:10 Well, at least the worms are happy now. I had that same problem.

  6. Serena Dean
    Serena Dean
    Hace 12 horas

    24:10 no wonder they made easy prey, they weren't ready. Heard that they burn the house down at the end. Weird. Animals are for sure better off without people.

  7. kevin then
    kevin then
    Hace 13 horas

    So let me get this straight. Radioactive cat from a radioactive land gets adopted by normal healthy human and gets himself and everything else he has radioactive.

  8. ambarish pait
    ambarish pait
    Hace un día


  9. Ironclad
    Hace un día

    SO after all that talk about everything being irradiated your just letting that dude get cancer?

  10. TheGamingLiger
    Hace 2 días

    Do dogs still live in Chernobyl

  11. Edward Holdar
    Edward Holdar
    Hace 2 días

    Me when the kittens leaves the home:😬😬😬

  12. Dan Clayberger
    Dan Clayberger
    Hace 2 días

    Interesting documentary, too bad all of the cat and dog scenes are staged. Maybe the name for this video should be "Odd Days With Odd Cats and Dogs In Odd Place Chernobyl".,.,.,.,.

  13. Techno_Waffle11
    Hace 2 días

    The camera man just built different 🤷

  14. The Company and country of Tra's Bodybuilding
    The Company and country of Tra's Bodybuilding
    Hace 2 días

    It's incredible how they got all this footage. They should have chernobel become a national park. It's a wildlife sanctuary.

  15. Aveah Vakaelii Weltschmerz
    Aveah Vakaelii Weltschmerz
    Hace 2 días

    The bears getting apples out of the tree are just, adorable.

  16. Alireza Roustazadeh
    Alireza Roustazadeh
    Hace 3 días

    So no dogs? Or any other city animals? Just cats?

  17. Itsinniah ITS
    Itsinniah ITS
    Hace 3 días

    👍🏼 Loved it😊

  18. Dutchess and Kay
    Dutchess and Kay
    Hace 4 días

    "..She has two kittens left.." **Edits it to make it appear she only had two left** Explanation: Sometimes I saw both striped kittens and sometimes I'd see a striped kitten and a black and white kitten. And, no, the "other striped kitten" was not the mother. I can tell the difference between the kittens and the mama cat. AND SOMETIMES they would just slip in all three and hoped you had forgotten. EDIT: 3:40 Actually I just noticed from the beginning she had four while he said three and there wasn't a black and white one to begin with. Wtheck??

  19. Renan Tomisaki
    Renan Tomisaki
    Hace 4 días

    7:42 bear breaks the window 7:52 bear puts the window back

  20. Michael Turner-Smith
    Michael Turner-Smith
    Hace 4 días

    I have no idea where I got 500 years from. 3000 years of inhabitability!? Sheesh!

  21. Julian Müller
    Julian Müller
    Hace 4 días

    one of the worst documentaries.... filming crew manipulates things to make it more interesting.

  22. Wildschwein
    Hace 5 días

    The tittle: Wildlife Takeover: How Animals Reclaimed Chernobyl ... The reality: A brutal life of cat and her kittens trying to survive in wild

  23. Sonja Nordahl
    Sonja Nordahl
    Hace 5 días

    Who ever wrote the dialog doesn't know cats. That Feral cat will never be a sweet house cat. At best it will form a cautious detente if the home owner is willing to bribe it with food. Also nature does not care about the individual. As long as a species can successfully reproduce the shortened life span due to radiation exposure is still a success.

  24. Lucas
    Hace 5 días

    There will be a time when the entire world is like this and only the remnants of human existence will remain.

  25. Mekpuk Razak
    Mekpuk Razak
    Hace 6 días

    the cat and her kittens playing an important role in this doc.

  26. yadisdis
    Hace 6 días

    Humans: * use man made products to make entire areas uninhabitible* Nature: * I shall reclaim my real estate *

  27. FGM11
    Hace 6 días

    Aside from this questionable "documentary" the zone really became a paradise for wildlife.

  28. Paul Abellana
    Paul Abellana
    Hace 7 días

    3kittens again

  29. IAmRorschach
    Hace 7 días

    @25:54 that cat is jumping into a plant that is definitely not catnip!!!!

  30. City Walking Tour
    City Walking Tour
    Hace 7 días

    1 good news in the midst of so much destruction, is the magic of Mother Nature and so hope blooms again, great video👍🖖

  31. Weasel ATF
    Weasel ATF
    Hace 7 días

    50'000 People used to live here. Now it's a ghost town.

  32. Uncle Ham
    Uncle Ham
    Hace 7 días

    Came for documentary, stayed because of comedy.

  33. X-Tech Gam!nG
    X-Tech Gam!nG
    Hace 7 días

    27:36 RIP

  34. X-Tech Gam!nG
    X-Tech Gam!nG
    Hace 7 días

    12:42 RIP

  35. X-Tech Gam!nG
    X-Tech Gam!nG
    Hace 7 días

    Mom Cat: "Here is a dead mouse." Baby Cat: "Oh, thanks for teaching me how to hunt!"

  36. Luxic
    Hace 8 días

    Can we just talk about how AMAZING these shots are?

  37. funkeybikemonkey
    Hace 8 días

    I'm here to see radioactive cats. If I don't see a radioactive cat I'm gonna be well pissy!

  38. X-Tech Gam!nG
    X-Tech Gam!nG
    Hace 8 días

    12:34 RIP :(

  39. Tkash OnRL
    Tkash OnRL
    Hace 8 días


  40. Leticia Henderson
    Leticia Henderson
    Hace 8 días

    The nauseating june partially branch because war naturally twist apropos a precious booklet. immense, savory scale

  41. vertex235
    Hace 8 días

    This place is very radioactive and the animals have never seem people The camera crew: 👁️👄👁️

  42. Miles Hinchliffe
    Miles Hinchliffe
    Hace 8 días

    24:10 kittens clearly being pushed through the whole by someone lol

  43. Yuri Borzdy
    Yuri Borzdy
    Hace 9 días

    What's most impressive in this video is 35-years old blueberry jam in a jar. Looks like still edible. ...Ok too artificial. They even burned a house.

  44. Luke VVo
    Luke VVo
    Hace 9 días

    Loved this documentary.

  45. Kalyan Meka
    Kalyan Meka
    Hace 9 días

    The meek anteater commonly unlock because drawbridge dolly wave given a wandering gladiolus. mixed, overconfident earth

  46. dylan julian
    dylan julian
    Hace 9 días

    Even the cats look russian

  47. Jason Xie
    Jason Xie
    Hace 9 días

    Cuz they don’t know that the mutation rate is up by 2000%

  48. Ivan Yankov
    Ivan Yankov
    Hace 9 días

    And end of the story the cat brought the radiation back to the humans 😄

  49. nbharakey
    Hace 9 días

    I went from loving the film to hating it after reading the comments. I was admiring how they managed to film the growing up of kitten, though it all looked fishy. The scene with the bear and the cat at 44:10 and 44:40 looks too weird to be happening in the nature.

    1. Scrimius
      Hace 3 días

      it looked fishy from start. Any cat that is grown outside, is super fast. Thous cats seems ones that never left house, so they put it down and it stays there. Little kitten are more energetic then older ones. Scenes with bear, seems also fishy could be ones from circus or something.

  50. Lord Of Chaos Inc.
    Lord Of Chaos Inc.
    Hace 10 días

    There's a cat on the thumbnail, upvote.

  51. Faceless JR
    Faceless JR
    Hace 10 días

    we are the one tht shud be extinct not nature or else we wont be happy unless we ruin this planet ... this place is an example where we dont venture nature flourishes the best ....

  52. Stepan
    Hace 10 días

    It's Chornobyl, not "Chernobyl"

  53. Gab
    Hace 10 días

    Erm.. so how did the people film this without exposure to the radiation?

  54. khav11
    Hace 10 días

    great doc.

  55. Van Duc Nguyen
    Van Duc Nguyen
    Hace 10 días

    5:27 so cute. It looks like he has played this game for hundreds of times

    1. guiguipop
      Hace 10 días

      yeah, the animals shown almost look like they were trained/forced to do things by the film crew. the fire in the barn was obvious, as well as the bear closing the door

  56. L S
    L S
    Hace 10 días

    I hope it stays like that. as a consolation to the earth I think this area should stay forest heavy as global warming increases. I also among many others love to watch nature and would def like to hike out there.

  57. ツᴅᴇᴀᴅ ᴋɪʟʟᴇʀ
    ツᴅᴇᴀᴅ ᴋɪʟʟᴇʀ
    Hace 10 días


  58. Dominic Slofkosky
    Dominic Slofkosky
    Hace 11 días

    50 mins of “and mother earth reclaimed this place”

  59. prspr
    Hace 11 días

    this video is beautiful. yet I really wonder how did they manage to film all of this

  60. Wenxue Zhu
    Wenxue Zhu
    Hace 11 días

    she may have hunted in the wild for too many times, but at heart, she is still a house cat

  61. Joshua Valdez
    Joshua Valdez
    Hace 11 días

    So if no human can go there, how did humans document about animals living there? Humans had to be there to record

  62. Michael Dubin
    Michael Dubin
    Hace 11 días

    I guess the cameraman could have saved the kitten from the hawk. Oh well.

  63. Dodzor
    Hace 11 días

    whats with this nuclear power thing? they would,nt lie to us would they? nah!

  64. Natural Delight 2021
    Natural Delight 2021
    Hace 12 días


  65. Braxtyn Billey
    Braxtyn Billey
    Hace 12 días

    wild how the best thing to happen to the nature around Chernobyl was the "worst" things to happen to humans lol

  66. Nolan Reach
    Nolan Reach
    Hace 12 días

    Horrible setup show! Animals were hurt and manipulated in the process of creating this film!

    1. Nolan Reach
      Nolan Reach
      Hace 12 días

      Free cat was enslaved by human...🔚

  67. Tupolew Tu-154
    Tupolew Tu-154
    Hace 12 días

    Wen can see, nature don't need humans.

  68. Eitan Tal
    Eitan Tal
    Hace 12 días

    Reality: Lushy, lively forest full of animals. Narrator: dEaDlY rAdIaTiOn!

  69. Eitan Tal
    Eitan Tal
    Hace 12 días

    Radioactivity? The wolf looks fine to me.

  70. Anna Stetik
    Anna Stetik
    Hace 12 días

    Don't show me cute cats and then take a dark turn. You got 25 minutes out of me, but I stopped the video at the bear approach, and started reading comments. !In my best Greta Thurnberg impersonation: "How DARE you!!"

  71. Doctor Tee
    Doctor Tee
    Hace 13 días

    hahaha boris at 2:12 the slav king

  72. Robert Mastnak
    Robert Mastnak
    Hace 13 días

    Wonderful movie about nature, how to restore contaminated, Poisoned nature..........

  73. noilex
    Hace 13 días

    Wow! This was a truly well made documentary! I really enjoyed following the life of the cats. And those annoying bears! Man they were just obnoxious xD Nice to see how nature survives the Human Virus, once left to it's own devices;)

  74. izaac daw
    izaac daw
    Hace 13 días

    Excellent documentary, thanks for the video 👍

    1. Free Documentary - Nature
      Free Documentary - Nature
      Hace 13 días

      You're very welcome!

  75. Puppy Dog
    Puppy Dog
    Hace 13 días

    If you were able to film the kittens you should have grabbed them and saved them.

  76. cynthia moran
    cynthia moran
    Hace 13 días

    I enjoyed it. I wondered if they've figured out the lifespan in Chernobyl compared to the length of an animal out of Chernobyl. Say a wolf (since they've probably studied them the most). Whatever it is if your a wild animal would you rather have 5 years in Chernobyl or 10 out?(with us!

  77. Spirit
    Hace 14 días

    Damm, when us humans aren’t in this world. The world is going to look beautiful as nature takes over once more.

  78. Céline Sleiman
    Céline Sleiman
    Hace 14 días

    If EVOLUTION is a true thing, then this restore needs millions of years. Do you believe in the father gorilla "darwin"!? I don't.

  79. marc marc
    marc marc
    Hace 15 días

    Wunderschön gefilmte Bilder !

  80. Proud DDS: Diehard Dreamcatcher Simp
    Proud DDS: Diehard Dreamcatcher Simp
    Hace 15 días

    I wanted to watch this video for the cat but it's so annoying to keep hearing that mother nature claimed back blah blah

  81. Gear Scar
    Gear Scar
    Hace 15 días

    I would've happily adopted the cat family

  82. Nathaniel Price
    Nathaniel Price
    Hace 15 días

    1.1k idiots disliked this video for no reason

  83. Rob Baldwin
    Rob Baldwin
    Hace 15 días

    Interesting subject, piss poor narrative, obviously set up to the fullest, wolves pulling dead rabbits from holes, visible people pushing cats through little holes whilst narrator says "its time for the kittens to explore". And that suspect fire..

  84. fahad ibn hasib
    fahad ibn hasib
    Hace 15 días

    Ya, a "scripted documentary"........? I cringed the moment the wolf dug out an already dead rabbit.

  85. Elena Tertytsia
    Elena Tertytsia
    Hace 15 días

    At first Holodomor, then Chornobyl. Soviet Union was much worse than nazist Germany

  86. Vinnie Falco
    Vinnie Falco
    Hace 15 días

    So.... this documentary is amazing. And kind of heartbreaking.

  87. Rizzen024
    Hace 15 días

    Pretty much all these animals are like me in DayZ... scrounging for hours for food and water and a gun in chernarus

  88. Akanksha S
    Akanksha S
    Hace 15 días

    I was into the video till they made the bear unhinge the door. I hope they didn't hurt animals to suit the script.

  89. Pojayto Chip
    Pojayto Chip
    Hace 17 días

    If this teaches us anything its that nature and animals will be just fine without humans.

  90. Cindy Bogart
    Cindy Bogart
    Hace 17 días

    There is someone who still lives there. Ho rounded up all the stray cats & takes care of them. Such a loving soul. There is also a cafe/ restaurant for the local people who still are there. Military/ security, etc. ✨

  91. Kristy Wells
    Kristy Wells
    Hace 17 días

    The numerous owl substantively smell because fox prospectively bore along a grouchy unit. level, hard lead

  92. John Patrick C. Cabonegro
    John Patrick C. Cabonegro
    Hace 17 días

    Sadly, the mother cat has lost two kittens. It is the rule of nature, the hunter, and the prey. By the way, this documentary is good.

  93. Wesley Hurt
    Wesley Hurt
    Hace 17 días

    4:15 "Inside the house, life goes on as normal.." (Cats making scrambled eggs not shown)

  94. Trevor Lawrence
    Trevor Lawrence
    Hace 18 días

    God Is Great

  95. Gustavo Rabino
    Gustavo Rabino
    Hace 18 días

    I waited for the three headed cat the whole video.

  96. Ana Srdic
    Ana Srdic
    Hace 18 días

    Ok, we get it, everything is radioactive and deadly. So explain how that natural balance is restored.

  97. Nick Georgas
    Nick Georgas
    Hace 18 días

    Thousands of years???? This narrators maths is not very good!

  98. Nanonymous
    Hace 19 días

    Cats are paid actors!

  99. Exo's proud mama bear
    Exo's proud mama bear
    Hace 19 días

    I wouldn't mind if animals and plants become resistant to radiation due to this.

  100. Nicky75
    Hace 20 días

    Amazing how you didn't capture that 'lightning strike' and how it was contained to the barn and didn't go into that grass!